Report on Special Project to Rwanda

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society occasionally receives a request for a special mission project.  Last year the A-BC District’s President Rev. Glenn Schaeffer approached CLMS with a request for CLMS to accept a special project for Rwanda.  Rev. Schaeffer assumed responsibility for raising funds for two teachers to instruct a week-long course to church leaders in Bible and theological training in the Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship and the Reformed Christian Fellowship Church of Rwanda.

Following are excerpts from Dr. Glenn Schaeffer’s report on his teaching trip to Rwanda in early 2019.


My wife Sandra and I just returned from a two week trip to Rwanda.  It is amazing how the bonds of faith and the shared love we have for Jesus connect us to one another despite differences in ethnicity, language, and social class. 

I led a four day conference on Romans 1-8 with heavy emphasis on the doctrine of justification – a doctrine that was “foreign” to them. There were about 35 church leaders present for the conference, mainly from the Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church and two pastors from the Reformed Christian Fellowship Church of Rwanda.

They are passionate about worshiping and serving their Lord, but most of the Christians, including the leaders, have a limited knowledge of the Bible and tend to live under the burden of the law. 

They are eager and hungry to learn more.  Our daily sessions at the conference started at 9 am and concluded at 4 pm with a one hour lunch break (during which they huddled to talk about the lessons).  Otherwise, they listened, discussed, debated, and prayed…with no other breaks!

Both churches are requesting ongoing biblical/theological training.  In fact, this matter is quite pressing as the government of Rwanda has mandated that all pastors of congregations are to have a theological degree/certificate from an accredited school. 

I am thankful for the opportunity that Sandra and I had to travel to Rwanda. Aside from the conference we visited four additional congregations that are extensions of the Beth Ammi located in various regions of Rwanda.  I also preached at a worship service there.

The congregation I now serve in Michigan is quite supportive of my work in Rwanda.  Sandra and I plan to return to Rwanda to continue to develop relationships with them and to provide them with biblical and practical training.

In Christ,

Glenn Schaeffer

Dr. Schaeffer and CLMS are very grateful to the people of LCC who heard about this special project and supported it both financially and with their prayers.

Mission and Ministry in Costa Rica

Due to the high cost of properties a small home is rented as a worship venue in Costa Rica. LCC pays the building rent and covers Pastor Edmundo’s stipends, transportation, mission resources and expenses.

I want to support Mission and Ministry in Costa Rica.

Project 1913 Goal: $25,000


Costa Rica Diaconal Training

As the Costa Rican mission prepares for the future, Pastor Edmundo has requested that LCC provide formal diaconal training to a few gifted young people in his congregation who are currently assisting him with the work of the parish and mission.

I want to support diaconal training in Costa Rica.

Project 1914 Goal: $5,000


Community Children Feeding Programs

$1.50 can provide a substantial and healthy meal for a child in any community in Nicaragua. There are groups of anywhere from 40 to 80 children in each of the Central American feeding programs where the children hear Bible studies and learn the Small Catechism. A deaconess and pastor lead the programs while the children are fed once or twice a week.

I want to support feeding for the children of Nicaragua.

Project 1902 Goal: $12,000


Central America Regional Leadership Training Seminars

This project will provide continuing education seminars for pastors and deacons/esses serving in Central America. A short term seminar held at our Nicaragua seminary is around $2500 USD, including transportation, room/board and materials. Our hope is to offer, at least, four seminars per year.

I want to support the pastors and deacons/esses serving in Central America.

Project 1901 Goal: $13,000


Youth Education in Costa Rica

Missionary Edmundo Retana reaches out to 20-25 children/youth in two communities in Cartago, Costa Rica, gathering together for Christian instruction and worship. Several youth retreats are held each year; these have become great opportunities for nurturing the youth of Cartago in God’s Word.

I want to support the youth education in Costa Rica.

Project 1912 Goal: $6,500


Children’s Education in Nicaragua

Funding is needed to ensure that the 60 children attending the program in 2019 will have the backpacks, notebooks, and educational resources that are included in the $120 USD cost to cover each child’s scholarship.

I want to support education for children in Nicaragua.

Project 1903 Goal: $9,500


School Desks and Chairs

100 desks and chairs are needed to support the children attending feeding and educational programs throughout Nicaragua. Even a small contribution can make a big difference as $15 buys a chair and $35 a desk.

I want to support the children of Nicaragua.

Project 1904 Goal: $5,000


Music Program for Children and Youth

Children and youth receive musical training to learn to play instruments, allowing them to actively participate in their congregation’s worship services. Keyboards, guitars, speakers, microphones, band equipment, music sheets are needed. The project also provides funding for transportation and meals when training is taking place.

I want to support the music program.

Project 1905 Goal: $5,000


Computer Training for Deaconesses and Children

This program and its materials and resources are largely funded and led by a Canadian volunteer, significantly reducing the overall costs. Your support is needed to help the deaconesses and students reach the Chinandega mission centre where they can benefit from the leadership and training being provided.

I want to support computer training.

Project 1907 Goal: $2,500