Support for LCC Missionary Navrotskyy in Nikolaev

A graduate of Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, missionary Rev. Oleksiy Navrotskyy is busy with two urban Lutheran congregations and two country mission stations. He is also busy with various humanitarian projects and missions and teaches at the Odessa Seminary. Help him continue this mission and ministry work.

I want to support the Pastor Navrotskyy in Ukraine.

Project 1817 Goal: $7,650



Seminary Program and Operation

Five students are expected to complete their studies at the Odessa Concordia Theological Seminary this year and be placed as vicars. The shared support from LWML-Canada and you helps alleviate the significant cost for stipends, transportation, meals, heating, translating, books and supplies, so that the students can focus and be sent to the field.

I want to support the preparation of pastors in Ukraine.

Project 1818 Goal: $20,000


Youth Programs

This three-fold project covers program costs and training of new leaders for Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp, and a Winter Youth Gathering.

I want to support youth programs in Ukraine.

Project 1819 Goal: $4,700


Pastoral Care in Prison Ministry

The Lord has blessed this ministry of Rev. Alexander Urchenko, and he works with the most dangerous inmates, as well as those who are suicidal. At their release some inmates have reconciled with their families and have returned to visit the prison along with Pastor Urchenko.

I want to support the pastor and his prison ministry in Ukraine.

Project 1820 Goal: $1,300


Days of Faith Theological Conference

More than 120 participants attend the annual conference, including people from occupied Crimea. Pastor Roland Syens and wife Anita led sessions that were so well received they have been invited to lead the conference again in 2018. Support for this conference will allow participants to gather and learn from their Canadian brothers and sisters.

I want to support the Days of Faith conference in Ukraine.

Project 1821 Goal: $3,800


Ministry and Mission in Zorya

Weekly Bible studies, meetings with students and teachers, humanitarian support for the needy, organizing social events for nonbelievers are just few activities led by the neighbouring Lutherans of Dnepropetrovsk. Up to 50 people have started visiting for Sunday worship.

I want to support the mission and ministry in Zorya, Ukraine.

Project 1822 Goal: $1,500


“Cycle” English Language Club in Dnepropetrovsk

Young adults from Living Waters Lutheran Church in Dnepro provide free English lessons to university students. Pastor Sergey Bevz provides the attendees with counselling and prayer support, while the young adults build relationships and invite the students to church. Funds are for rent, printed materials, lessons, transportation and snacks.

I want to support the English language outreach club in Ukraine.

Project 1823 Goal: $1,500


Men’s and Women`s Gatherings for Reformation 500

Not everyone can join the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine’s annual Days of Faith Conference, so these gatherings will provide an exciting, timely alternative. The church plans to hold two seminars for women and two or three seminars for men and leaders of congregations focused on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and its themes of Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone.

I want to support the Reformation gatherings in Ukraine.

Project 1722 Goal: $1,100


Summer Youth Camp

Summer is a time of refreshment. The Summer Youth Camp brings together youth and young adults for a retreat to encourage them in their faith, and invite friends to hear the Gospel. This year`s focus will be on the Reformation. The church also sees the gathering as an opportunity to look for gifted young men and talk to them about the preparing for service as pastors in the Holy Ministry.

I want to support the summer youth camp in Ukraine.

Project 1720 Goal: $1,400


Days of Faith – Theological Conference

The Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine (SELCU) provides this outreach to members of all her churches to gather for fellowship and growth in their Christian faith. It is a wonderful way of helping others know they are not alone.

I want to support the Days of Faith conference in Ukraine.

Project 1720 Goal: $1000