Our Board

Each year we conduct an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where our members and supporters elect the Board of Directors. We seek nominations in the fall of each year. These men and women then go on to make sure that the support we receive, from donors, helps to flourish and grow God’s worldwide mission. The volunteers, with the assistance of some other committee members, work on all of the board’s responsibilities. We have no paid staff and work hard at keeping operational costs to a minimum. If we receive funds designated for a mission project, we do not deduct anything for operational expenses. The entire amount is sent on to the project. Operational expenses are primarily covered by donations specified, with small amounts occasionally required from funds directed to “wherever needed.”


Rev. Mark Lobitz, Water Valley AB

It is a blessing and a challenge to work together in other countries and in Canada with our partners in mission as Friends in Christ. I have traveled to Ukraine to teach at the seminary and have made two trips to Nicaragua to present seminars for the church workers at the Mission Centre in Chinandega.


Joyce Lobitz, Water Valley AB

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua on numerous mission trips.  Meeting the people and visiting many of the churches opened my eyes to what CLMS has accomplished and could yet accomplish there.  It is a privilege to serve on this board and address the needs of our various mission areas.


Cathy Weger, Calgary AB

I am happy to be a part of the CLMS board in the position of Treasurer. I bring experience in accounting for not for profit organizations and I am pleased to be able to use my experience for such a worthwhile cause. I have completed one mission trip myself to Nicaragua so have seen first hand the great work that can be done when the proper resources are provided. I look forward to working with CLMS for the next few years.

Financial Secretary

Anita Dagge, Canmore AB

I am a member of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Canmore, Alberta.  Becoming a part of CLMS is a way for me to personally contribute to mission work.  I look forward to working with CLMS now and in the future.


Curtis Schafer, Kitchener ON

My wife and I and our two boys attend Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Kitchener, Ontario. I have been involved directly in only a small number of local missions, but have a great love for and interest in mission work generally. My service on the Board of CLMS allows me to support both the care for people and the proclamation of the Gospel in various areas of the world.

Mission Education & Communications

Katie Drung, London ON

I am excited to be part of CLMS, as I have personally witnessed the impact that mission outreach has on both local and global communities. It is such a blessing to share in the joy of Jesus by serving Him through the work that CLMS does.

Ministry & Projects

Jeremy Drung, London ON

After having the opportunity to serve on mission trips to Nicaragua and Ukraine, I have seen firsthand the wonderful work that God is doing through organizations such as CLMS. I am honoured to use my talents in new ways to continue to further God’s work around the world.

Ministry & Projects

Camille Gardiner, Kitchener ON

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few”. As someone who has participated in various domestic missions, I thank the Lord for faithful labourers who deliver Christ in Word & Sacrament and serve their neighbours in Christ’s name. CLMS’ support of missions in Canada and around the world is a small piece of work in the Lord’s harvest and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of it.

Pastoral Advisor

Rev. Roland Syens, Vancouver BC

I am excited to serve on the CLMS board because I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of CLMS project support and have seen how much difference even a little bit can make in changing circumstances in people’s lives now and for eternity.  What a joy it is to know that you can make a difference in moving God’s kingdom forward as your gifts are used to share the Gospel..