Our history

When Lutheran Church-Canada was founded in 1988 one of the reasons stated for its formation was “the conviction that such an organization will facilitate our witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our country and throughout the world.” It was assumed at the outset that achieving this objective would require substantially more financial resources than would be available through the regular budgetary process. In 1990 a convention of LCC established a Task Force on Alternate Funding, which presented its report in 1993. That report, which included a recommendation to establish a mission society, was adopted by the convention, although for various reasons, the organization of the mission society never took place.

In February 1997, LCC President Emeritus Rev. Dr. Edwin Lehman, with the consent and blessing of then president, Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan, invited seven other individuals to meet in Winnipeg to discuss the formation of a mission society. The result was the birth of Concordia Lutheran Mission Society. Present at the first meeting were: Rev. Dr. Edwin Lehman (president); Terry Goerz (vice-president); Anne Taylor (secretary); Doreen Haberstock (treasurer); Rodney Haberstock; Rev. Kevin Cramm; Rev. Dr. David Somers; and Rev. Donald Schiemann.

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