Mission and Ministry in Costa Rica

Due to the high cost of properties a small home is rented as a worship venue in Costa Rica. LCC pays the building rent and covers Pastor Edmundo’s stipends, transportation, mission resources and expenses.

I want to support Mission and Ministry in Costa Rica.

Project 1913 Goal: $25,000


Costa Rica Diaconal Training

As the Costa Rican mission prepares for the future, Pastor Edmundo has requested that LCC provide formal diaconal training to a few gifted young people in his congregation who are currently assisting him with the work of the parish and mission.

I want to support diaconal training in Costa Rica.

Project 1914 Goal: $5,000


Youth Education in Costa Rica

Missionary Edmundo Retana reaches out to 20-25 children/youth in two communities in Cartago, Costa Rica, gathering together for Christian instruction and worship. Several youth retreats are held each year; these have become great opportunities for nurturing the youth of Cartago in God’s Word.

I want to support the youth education in Costa Rica.

Project 1912 Goal: $6,500


Youth Ministry

Since 2015 youth from Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica have met annually at the Mission Centre in Chinandega for a National Youth Gathering. More recently there have also been spin-off regional youth gatherings held in Matagalpa, Jinotega, and Costa Rica. If you are compelled to help the youth continue to meet, and grow in their faith, please support this worthy project.

I want to support youth ministry.

Project 1906 Goal: $8,000


Deaconess Support

There are currently 34 deaconesses and three assistants (maestras) consecrated for diaconal and educational work in congregations. They conduct the Children’s Education Program in their congregations under the supervision of their local pastors and with coordination from Lutheran Church–Canada. This project is to provide a complementary stipend of approximately $18-$20 per month to assist with transportation and expenses.

I want to support the deaconesses.

Project 1909 Goal: $6,000