Micro-finance Program for Church Workers in Central America

This program will help church workers receive funds so they can start a business, farm some land, and begin self-sustaining projects to provide ongoing funds to care for their families.

I want to help church workers in Central America become self-supporting.

Project 1716 Goal: $2800


Motorcycle for Mission outreach to Masaya

Pastor Guillermo Zuniga from Granada, Nicaragua has been doing mission outreach into the region of the Masaya Volcano. There are 22 children and 12 adults currently attending Bible Studies however, Pastor Guillermo needs a motorcycle to commute to this area more regularly.

I want to help buy the motorcycle for Pastor Guillermo .

Project 1715 Goal: $3000


Computer Training for Deaconesses and Children

A computer lab is available at the Mission Centre in Chinandega where deaconesses and students can access donated computers. Money is needed to provide transportation to courses, on-site meals and teachers to train the church workers and others.

I want to support the computer training program.

Project 1714 Goal: $2,500


Music Program for Children and Youth

Young musicians sing the Lord’s praises.

Music and worship go hand-in-hand. Supporting this project will help train children and youth in music so they can accompany congregational singing and grow in their praise to the Lord. The funds will supply music and instruments.

I want to help the church teach music to youth and children in Nicaragua.

Project 1713 Goal: $5,000


Central America Church Workers Medical Fund

The church workers in Central America do not have any medical plan or health security. Creating an urgent medical care fund will help provide immediate care for church workers and their families when in need.

I want to help church workers with their medical expenses.

Project 1712 Goal: $7,000


Nutrition for the children of Rancheria

1611-NIC-Rancheria eProvide humanitarian care and a Gospel connection to children in Rancheria, one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua. One-hundred children receive bread and the Bread of Life twice a week for a whole year at a cost of less than $50 per child.

I want to help feed the children of Rancheria.

Project 1711 Goal: $2,000


Assistance for Worship and Outreach facilities in Rivas, Nicaragua


Help Pastor Roque continue the mission as he focuses on families and their children by providing a place to meet and worship together.

I want to help Pastor Roque and his mission activities.

Project 1710 Goal: $6,400


Support for Pastor and Deaconess Morales in Sebaco, Nicaragua

1609-NIC-Sebaco eThis project will help continue the fruitful mission activities and worship services in Sebaco which is served by Pastor Hector Morales and his wife Deaconess Christina.

I want to support Pastor Morales and his wife in their mission outreach.

Project 1709 Goal: $12,000


Rancheria Earthquake Relief

In June 2016 an earthquake hit the already impoverished region of Rancheria in Nicaragua. The mission hopes to help three families repair their homes. This help would bring great blessings for the families and a wonderful witness to the community.

I want to support this important relief work.

Project 1708 Goal: $10,000



Deaconess support

A small stipend of $20 per month for each of the 37 deaconesses of the Iglesia Luterano Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) will help them with the cost of living and the cost of transportation to the location in which they serve.

I want to support the deaconesses in Nicaragua.

Project 1707 Goal: $8,000