A Prayer for Pastor Chujit

Over the coming months, we will be featuring prayers for the mission fields of Lutheran Church-Canada, from those who have first hand experience of the people serving their and the work they are carrying out.

Included is a brief introduction, and a prayer petition suitable for personal devotion or corporate prayer.

The following profile and prayer were graciously provided by Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan.


Missionary Suchat Chujit

Pastor Chujit, a former public school teacher, became a Christian through the witnessing of his deaconess wife. With her encouragement and the encouragement of other Christians in the church he was led to prepare to become a pastor.  It was my privilege to be part of that preparation and then to ordain him into the Office of the Public Ministry.

Pastor Suchat Chujit

Pastor Suchat Chujit (left) prays before leading Bible study.

Pastor Chujit now serves the congregation at Khok Kloi (where he and his family reside), but travels throughout the Southern province of Phang-nga, Thailand as a missionary. He visits markets squares to engage people in conversation; he later meets  them in their homes and at various mission stations around the province and shares the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ministry in Thailand is difficult because so much of their culture is Buddhist. To be Thai is to be Buddhist; to be Christian is to be — does it mean that you are no longer Thai?  Please pray for Pastor Suchat Chujit and his work as an evangelist for Christ!

Gracious Father in heaven, you want everyone to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. We ask you to bless the ministry of Missionary Chujit. Continue to provide him with opportunities to meet people wherever they gather and give him the words to speak that will touch  their hearts. Use those words by Your Spirit’s power to work faith – through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy spirit, one God, forever. Amen.

More information about how Concordia Lutheran Mission Society supports Pastor Chujit


  1. Cliff Haberstock, Edmonton says

    Thank you for the story of Pastor Chujit.



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