LCC Missionary in Ukraine arrives for studies in Edmonton

EDMONTON – Rev. Alexey Navrotskyy arrived in Edmonton, along with his wife

Rev. Alexey Navrotskyy

Rev. Alexey Navrotskyy

Vika and their two children, in early September to begin studies at Concordia Lutheran Seminary (CLS). He began classes September 15.

Rev. Navrotksyy is a missionary for Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) in Ukraine, where he serves with the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine (SELCU). He graduated from Concordia Seminary in Odessa, Ukraine, a seminary program operated by LCC. His graduate studies in Edmonton will prepare him to help serve as an instructor at the Odessa seminary in the future.

“Lutheran Church–Canada is grateful to Christ, the Lord of the Church, for granting SELCU the opportunity to have one of its pastors doing post-graduate studies at CLS,” said Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel, LCC’s Executive for Missions and Social Ministries. “This will allow SELCU to strengthen the training of its national pastors as more SELCU pastors begin teaching at the seminary in Odessa.”

Rev. Alexey’s studies at CLS are uniquely tailored for him from among the seminary’s offerings, accommodating his ministry experience in SELCU, and designed to provide him with the theological resources he will need in an international leadership position. The plan is for Rev. Navrotskyy to complete coursework and a thesis for the Master of Divinity degree over the next two years.

“We are thrilled to see this chapter unfold,” CLS President James Gimbel said. “This opportunity has been under discussion for a number of years, and it is exciting to realize this potential.”

“We believe that Alexey’s arrival will bring an exciting depth and breadth to our CLS community,” President Gimbel continued, “and we also believe that we, in turn, can provide strong servant Christ-like leadership training to an important part of the greater body of Christ in Ukraine. Our mission to ‘form servants for Jesus’ sake” is rooted here in Canada, but extends beyond these borders to our Lutheran brothers and sisters under different socio-political challenges. There, too, there is a need for the message that ‘Jesus is Lord.’”

Funding for Rev. Navrotskyy’s studies come from a number of sources, including Lutheran Church–Canada’s Foreign Student Fund, Concordia Lutheran Mission Society, and the seminary itself through designated international student financial aid and individual donors. “We are thankful to all those who are contributing to Alexey’s education in Edmonton,” said Dr. Neitzel. “Indigenous theological leadership training is fundamental for LCC’s missions, and we thank the Lord for providing us with the resources needed.”

(This article was originally published in The Canadian Lutheran.)



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