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Bill Andrew Terry Goerz CLMS President, Cliff Haberstock Rev. Dr. Edwin Lehman Dr. Francisco Moro Marilyn Swain Anne Taylor Charlene VanderGriendt
Bill Andrew
Terry Goerz
Rev. Cliff
Rev. Dr.
Edwin Lehman
Dr. Francisco
Marilyn Swain
Anne Taylor

Each year we conduct an Annual General Meeting at which our members and supporters elect the Board of Directors. These men and women are volunteers, keenly interested in seeing the support we receive from donors flourish and thereby grow God’s mission throughout the world. We seek nominations in the fall of each year.

2011-2012 CLMS team
Bill Andrew, Campbell River, B.C., Bethany Lutheran Church.

“I have had an interest in missionaries and mission work for most of my life beginning from Sunday School. CLMS has provided me with an opportunity to utilize my skills and experience as a chartered accountant to help those who work out in the mission field.”

Terry Goerz, High Prairie, Alta., Redeemer Lutheran Church.

“I volunteer with CLMS because God has given me a heart for missions and the talents and abilities to fulfill the position I hold with CLMS. I cannot be an overseas missionary but I can do my part towards the Great Commission by supporting the work of missionaries through the work of CLMS.”

Rev. Cliff Haberstock, Edmonton, Alta., Riverbend Lutheran Church.

“CLMS is an exciting way to be involved in our church’s missions. It is amazing to see what God is doing, to pray for His mission and support it.”

Rev. Dr. Edwin Lehman, Edmonton, Alta., Concordia Lutheran Church.

“CLMS is living proof of words spoken by veteran missionary Hudson Taylor: God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.”

Dr. Francisco Moro, Windsor, Ont., First Lutheran Church.

“It’s exciting to be part of the work spreading the Good News around the globe. I don’t have a great deal of background in this work but God is gracious and provides me with ability and direction.”

Marilyn Swain, Winnipeg, Man., Peace Lutheran Church.

“Although I do have a mission heart it is my feet and actions that bring Christ into the picture. He had a mission and acted upon it and so should each and every one of His followers—Christians in Action = MISSION (now this includes PRAY, GIVE, GO)

Anne Taylor, Ottawa, Ont., St. Luke Lutheran Church.

“I cannot pray ‘Thy kingdom come’ unless I am prepared to follow Christ’s command of Matthew 28:19-20. I am not able to go abroad to fulfill the Great Commission but I have the joyful privilege of giving of my time and talents to serve Him through Concordia Lutheran Mission Society.”

Charlene VanderGriendt, Waterloo, Ont., Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

“The need is great and the workers are few. Whatever I can do to help in some small way is my response to my many blessings.”

These volunteers, with the assistance of some other committee members, carry out all the work of the society. We have no paid staff, and work hard at keeping operational costs to a minimum. If we receive funds designated for a mission project, we do not deduct anything for operational expenses; the entire amount is sent on to the project. Operational expenses are primarily covered by donations specified for operations, with small amounts occasionally required from funds directed to “wherever needed.”