A special program to share a special message with children

 A special program to share a special message – Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

Deaconesses and volunteers engage children in learning about Jesus.

Many children joyfully participate in the learning of Bible stories, in worship, prayers and songs. The love of Jesus is proclaimed in the communities where the children live. Family members also have the opportunity to participate in openings and closings. These funds go to purchase teaching materials, and other supplies such as snacks, etc for children related to 23 congregations and the mission stations.

Project amount – $6,000
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  1. Glad to see one of my pictures from our VBS in Dec 2011 was of use. That VBS was fully-funded by supporters of the SomoMission team.

    • Response

      Thanks so much Jane. The picture is wonderful. We appreciate the Somo Mission team’s partnership.

      Charlene VanderGriendt
      Board member of CLMS

      • I’m sorry, Jane, I should have asked you. Do you want that picture removed? We should get our own picture from the mission pastor.


        • Hi Charlene: No it is fine. I was just surprised (and maybe a bit honoured) that CLMS used it. The reason I mentioned that our supporters covered the cost of this big VBS was so others might be encouraged to support fully a VBS in a community to the extend that my teams do. The CLMS funds then can be used at VBSs that have no funding. When we all work together, literally thousands of children have the opportunity to learn about their Saviour. It helps the local pastors and deaconesses in their community outreach too. VBSs that are underfunded can only manage about 30 children with 1 deaconess. When Canadians physically help by going to Nicaragua, a bigger event can be held and the community notices.Last year up in Somotillo, we had 200 children and I was interviewed live on television the first day. We purchased as much possible at local businesses (you should have seen the look from the family who got the order for 250 chicken dinners)and literally infiltrate the community when we are there. The strategy is to get noticed and bring families to the church for worship and education. A second strategy is to have Canadians more aware of what the needs at the churches are. A lot of money has been forwarded (tens of thousands of dollars)because Canadians see problems, go home and tell their congregations and the next thing you know the money is raised to fix roofs or add a bathroom or whatever.

          If CLMS would ever be interested in hearing our full story, I with several of my returning team mates would love to share when you have a meeting in Ontario.

          FYI, I serve on the Committee for Missions and Social Ministry Services and work closely with Rev Neitzel. I was very committed to Central American mission and I believe I may have reached my 10th trip when I go in Jan 2013. God bless all you do at CLMS and the amazing support you raise. Let’s continue to pray that all of our efforts to help LCC Missions be touched by God’s hand…Jane



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