Drama and music mark special Lutheran celebrations

Children, parents, pastors, and deaconesses gather in the Martin Luther Chapel.

Children, parents, pastors, and deaconesses gather in the Martin Luther Chapel to celebrate the Reformation.

The Reformation Day celebrations in Martin Luther Chapel in Chinandega, Nicaragua, October 31 saw the fruit of three programs supported by Concordia Lutheran Mission Society (CLMS). More than 100 children gathered to commemorate in music and drama this special day in the life of the Lutheran church.

Deaconesses had prepared children in the Christian education program to sing, present dramas, recite the Gospel story of the Prodigal Son, enact the Creation story and study the story of Jonah. In addition, children from three communities assisted in playing songs at the celebration, a result of their training in music.

Young musicians sing the Lord's praises.

Young musicians sing the Lord’s praises.

“The entire Reformation celebration was a visible sign of the investment with the children and the deaconesses,” noted Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel, Lutheran Church–Canada’s mission executive. As an example of the deaconesses’ dedication to serving the children in their communities, Dr. Neitzel tells of Deaconess Lisbet who serves in Rancheria who “takes the bus to the market in downtown Chinandega as early as 4 a.m. once or twice a week to buy the ‘trims’ of vegetables and fruits to prepare and feed the children in the Christian education program.”

With your help, CLMS supports the work of deaconesses, the children’s Christian education program, and the music education program.



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