Looking for a mission project for your VBS?

VBS NicaraguaIt’s Vacation Bible School time: learning about Jesus, sharing Him with our friends, fun, games and supporting missions.

If your VBS is looking for a project for your mission offering check out the possibilities offered through the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society.

There are great opportunities to share Jesus with other children in different parts of the world.  For example:
  • Project 1405, Children’s Christian Education program in Costa Rica
  • 1407, Children’s Christian Education program in Alajuelta, Costa Rica
  • 1410, Vacation Bible Schools in Nicaragua
  • 1412, Children’s Christian Education program in Nicaragua
  • 1420, Children’s Christian Education desks in five new Nicaraguan communities
  • 1425, VBS and Bible Camps in Ukraine

To find out more about any of these programs, have a look at the write-ups here.



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