Jesus is part of children’s education

Jesus is part of children’s education – Christian Education

Children's educaiton program

Children in Nicaragua receive a school uniform, backpack and basic school supplies from CLMS.

Children’s Education in Nicaragua is a blessed way to introduce and nurture the children in God’s Word and reach families and communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This project allows for the purchase of uniforms—shoes, shirt or blouse, socks, skirt or trousers, backpacks and school materials for 60 children at $125 per child per year. In addition to tuition, the money pays for tutoring by a Lutheran Christian deaconess or teacher.

Project amount – $7,500
I want to help support this project (1202)


  1. Wanda Peters says

    Our school is thinking of supporting the project in Nicaragua (1202) commencing December 2012. I understand there is $125 needed per child to send them to school. Pastor Mayan is from our church here and is currently serving in Nicaragua. We plan on making some Skype connections there.
    Could you please confirm that this project is indeed still needing donations and is the target amount still for 60 students ($7500)? Thanks, Wanda Peters

    • Thank you so much, Wanda for your interest. This is a very important project. We still require about $2100 and we expect this project to be on our 2013 project list again. Any excess funds will be applied to the 2013 project.

      Another very important Nicaragua children’s project is project 1204 Vacation Bible School. That project still requires $5,000. Thr money supports this very important outreach program to both children and their families. If you need any pictures or some of our project brochures please let me know and I will have them sent to you.

      God’s blessings on your efforts!
      Charlene VanderGriendt, CLMS Board Member



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