Our 2021 Projects

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Projects Already Funded

The following projects are continuing in 2021, but will not require new funding from donors. Instead, these projects will be funded from 2020 donations that remain unused owing to COVID-19 impacts.

  • Youth Education in Costa Rica


  • WECLO – Outreach to Immigrants and Refugees to Canada

  • Ukraine Days of Faith Conference

  • Transportation/Upkeep for Pastors’ Motorcycles, Nicaragua

  • Theological Training in Cambodia

  • Support for LCC Missionary Rev. Navrotskyy in Nikolaev, Ukraine

  • Support for Deaconesses and Families, Nicaragua

  • South Thailand Theological Training

  • Seminary Upkeep in Odessa, Ukraine

  • Relief Aid for Pastors in Need, Ukraine

  • Pastoral Care in Prison Ministry, Ukraine

  • Outreach & Ministry of Rev. Timerkan in Bashtanka, Ukraine

  • Music Education Program, Costa Rica

  • Music Education Program for Children and Youth, Nicaragua

  • Mission Outreach & Ministry of Rev. Bevz in Zorya, Ukraine

  • Mission and Ministry of Rev. Retana, Costa Rica

  • Mission & Ministry of Rev. Chujit in Khok Kloi, Thailand

  • Computer Training for Deaconesses and Children, Nicaragua

  • Community Children’s Feeding Programs, Nicaragua

  • Children’s Education Program, Nicaragua

  • Children and Youth Program, Ukraine

  • Central America Regional Church Workers Training

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