Partners in mission in Ukraine

Pastor Schmidt with a translator and the six students of the current seminary class.

“Going” seems to be a constant theme with our partners in mission. One such partner in mission who did “go” several times is the Rev. Albert Schmidt from Edmonton. He has served God’s mission in Ukraine since 1998 when he first went to teach new Ukrainian seminarians basic courses on “Christian Doctrine” and “Homiletics” (preaching).

Our Lord first moved him to “go” in this way through an advertisement in The Canadian Lutheran seeking instructors for the fledgling seminary program. He signed up for a year, and his wife, Marlene, accompanied him for several months. Pastor Schmidt has taught six different sets of courses to three different classes of students. He found it a real joy to teach the students who were always very receptive and respectful.

The Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine has experienced slow growth. As everywhere, some congregations are struggling, while others thrive. It is remarkable however that a synod numbering just 13 congregations now has a third class of men called into ministry, some of them a second generation.

Your partnership with CLMS supported God’s plan for growing this church family.



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