Worshipping under the trees in Chinendaga, Nicaragua

Feeling the joy at outdoor worship

By Reg Zotzman, CLMS Board member and partner in mission

September 2012

Sunday morning was an early rise as the mission driver picked us up very early to make the 9.00 am Sunday Service in Telica. Telica is one of two missions served by Pastor Maximo, the other a mission is in Leon. After a four wheel journey down a narrow dirt road we encountered a small stream bed and decided it would be best to continue on foot.

After a 150-metre walk we found the congregation already setting up for service. The chairs were from a neighbour’s house and a power cord was attached to another house. Services are held under the trees since no building exists. The land has been purchased for a church and school and it is anticipated that the first phase of the building will be started in January 2013.

The worship time was primarily for children (approximately 70 in attendance) and the service lasted two hours. The pastor preached, the deaconesses shared a felt-board presentation, a seminary student talked about ‘The differences in God’s children’, craft bracelets were made and fellowship followed with a meal of rice and cabbage.

This is a blessed example of the Word being spread whenever God provides an opportunity. You can assist by supporting the deaconesses in project The harvest is great and the workers are few (1206).

P.S. The rain held off during this service!



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