Anniversary of loss and hope in Thailand

Some of the members of the Lutheran congregation in Kok Kloi, Thailand.

Some of the members of the Lutheran congregation in Kok Kloi, Thailand.

Ten years ago on December 26 a deadly tsunami hit Thailand’s west coast killing thousands, destroying communities, washing away businesses and stealing livelihoods. The area hardest hit is also where two Lutheran pastors, Rev. Suchat Srikakarn and Rev. Suchat Chujit serve six congregations and preaching stations.

The tragedy of the 2004 tsunami provided them the opportunity to show God’s love in tangible ways that touched hundreds of lives. Men, women and children wanted to know more about this God who loves them and the hope they have in His Son, Jesus Christ. Church attendance increased, cultural Buddhists were baptised into Christ and began studying God’s Word, growing in their faith.

Pastor Chujit, a Lutheran Church-Canada missionary, and his wife receive support from Concordia Lutheran Missionary Society for their outreach and ministry in southern Thailand. In a country where less than 2 percent of the population is Christian, they have a difficult task. But with your financial and prayer support, they continue proclaiming the Gospel message.

On the tenth anniversary of the tsunami and sharing God’s message of hope, consider giving a single $10 gift or a monthly $10 gift to support this important ministry.



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