Outreach in Ukraine

Rev. Alexey Navrotskyy

Rev. Alexy Navrotsky

Help Rev. Oleksiy Navrotskyy spring into action as an active missionary in the Nikolaev, Ukraine. Funds will provide for the basics of housing, utilities and living expenses for his family so he can put his Canadian training and education to work.

I want to support Pastor Navrotskyy’s outreach in Ukraine.

Project 1618 Goal: $12,000


Student outreach

1617-UK-Novaja eJust over $70 a month allows Bible study leaders under pastoral supervision in Novaja, Ukraine, a unique opportunity to reach out to students and connect important life topics with what God’s Word has to say.

I want to help Bible study leaders reach students in Ukraine.

Project 1617 Goal: $850


Bible studies and outreach

1616-UK-ZoryaYour support will allow this already strong Bible study outreach in Zorya, Ukraine, to expand with the use of media to keep up with the many youth joining in and looking for guidance and discussion about current topics.

I want to help bring the Gospel and God’s Word to youth in Ukraine.

Project 1616 Goal: $2,800


Prison ministry

1615-UK-Prison eThis sustained and supportive work in Ukraine encourages the Christian faith of the inmates and nurtures men once they are released and become members of Lutheran congregations.

I want to support outreach to prisoners and ex-offenders in Nikolaev, Ukraine.

Project 1615 Goal $1,300


Preparing pastors in Ukraine

1614-UK-Seminary 2 eSupport the new students in their theological education at Concordia Theological Seminary in Odessa as they prepare to serve the Lutheran church as pastors and in mission outreach.

I want to support the preparation of pastors in Ukraine.

Project 1614 Goal: $20,000


Teaching, preaching and outreach in Thailand

1613-TH-Chujit eSupport the faithful work of Pastor Suchat Chujit in Thai Muang, Trung Maphrao and Khok Kloi Thailand. He needs help with utilities, transportation, communication and materials for the congregations and preaching stations he serves.

I want to help Missionary Chujit

Project 1613 Goal: $6,500


Feeding the young, the old and expectant mothers

1612-NIC-LaPita eFor 72 children, youth, older adults and pregnant women in La Pita, Nicaragua, $30 each provides holistic care. This focused program provides child and family health education and a substantial meal.

I want to help those in need in La Pita.

Project 1612 Goal: $2,090


Nutrition for body and soul

1611-NIC-Rancheria eProvide humanitarian care and a connection to the Gospel in Rancheria, one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua. One-hundred children receive bread and the Bread of Life twice a week for a whole year at a cost of only $47.25 per child.

I want to help feed the children of Rancheria.

Project 1611 Goal: $4,725


Worship and outreach in Rivas, Nicaragua

1610-NIC-Rivas eHelp Pastor Roque continue the Rivas mission’s focus on families and their children by enabling them to meet and worship together. Rent in Rivas is $540 per month.

I want to help Pastor Roque and his mission activities.

Project 1610 Goal: $6,400


Missionary support in Sebaco, Nicaragua

1609-NIC-Sebaco eThis project will help continue the fruitful mission activities and worship services in Sebaco while Pastor Hector Morales and his wife Deaconess Christina eagerly await the church construction project at their location.

I want to support Pastor Morales and his wife in their mission outreach.

Project 1609 Goal: $10,000