Deaconess support

1411The work of the deaconesses of Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) has blessed the church’s mission and education in Central America. Their major focus is assisting the pastors to provide Christian education or catechesis for children. They are key to the success of the Children’s education program.Most deaconesses receive a small stipend via the Children`s Christian Education Program (CLMS project #1412). This project provides extra support of around $25–$30/month for each of the 15 deaconesses.

I want to help provide additional support to the deaconesses.

(Project 1411) Goal: $4500

Children’s Christian education program

1412Each year more than 700 children attend the Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua’s (ILSN) children’s education program. Children enrol in the program and deaconesses teach groups of at least 25 children in their community either daily or two or three times a week. Each of the 23 communities in which the ILSN serves has a children’s outreach program. This project supports Christian Education Program for 60 children a year ($125 per child) in the following areas: school uniforms, shoes, school supplies, snacks/lunch, teaching resources, deaconess stipends.

I want to help support this ongoing program that reaches more than 700 children with the Gospel.

(Project 1412) Goal: $7500

Medical and Dental Clinic for low-income families

1413Through this clinic Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) has assisted low-income families in Chinandega and vicinity with medical and dental consultation, medication and referrals. A qualified medical doctor and a team of nurses provide this weekly service at LCC’s mission centre in Chinandega. This is a shared project between Lutheran Church–Canada, Canadian Lutheran World Relief and Concordia Lutheran Mission Society. Together we provide the stipends for the medical and nursing staff and cover the costs for all medication required for their work.

I want to support the medical and dental clinic for low-income families.

(Project 1413) Goal: $3200

Motorcycle for Cristo Rey mission

1414A number of pastors in Nicaragua currently rely on public transportation as they minister to people in remote congregations and mission outreach programs. This takes a great amount of time. Also, there are communities, such as Cristo Rey, which are unreachable by public transportation during the rainy season. This project will provide a motorcycle rugged enough to handle the region’s unique terrain.

I want to help support the transportation needs of pastors serving Cristo Rey.

(Project 1414) Goal: $2500

Mission house rent in Rivas

1415Two students from the Seminario Reforma Luterana, the theological education program of Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua, are assigned for their vicarage in Rivas, Jinotepe and La Pita in 2014. This grant will help pay the rent for the worship place in Rivas.

I want to help support renting a space for Gospel proclamation and outreach.

(Project 1415) Goal: $5750

Facility rentals in Sebaco

1417Pastor Hector Morales and his wife, Deaconess Cristina continue focusing on mission outreach in the community of Sebaco, about 40km south of Matagalpa. Around 25 to 30 people attend Bible studies regularly. The mission rents two houses in Sebaco: one for the missionary and the other for the mission activities and worship services. This project provides support for Pastor Hector’s mission outreach and the facility rental in Sebaco.

I want to help provide a place for worship and a home for the missionaries.

(Project 1417) Goal: $5500


New mission start in Managua

1418Since 1997 the Lord has blessed Nicaragua with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and such things as children’s Christian education programs, theological education, continuing education, medical clinics, and social ministry. The work has developed mostly in the northwest Pacific region and south of Managua, the capital. For years the Lutheran Church–Canada has prayed to work with the ILSN to start a new mission in Managua. This project will assist with the following major items: transportation of vicars and pastors, mission and children’s education resources, rental of a house for worship services, and utilities.

I want to help support the new mission work in Managua.

(Project 1418) Goal: $5000

Musical instruments and musicians for church communities

1419Many Nicaraguan congregations have members who are being trained to play keyboard for worship. Nicaraguans love music and love to sing. Music is also an important and culturally relevant outreach tool. This project will allow Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua to purchase instruments and train local church musicians to accompany worship services and undertake mission outreach.

I want to help support buying instruments and training musicians for worship and outreach.

(Project 1419) Goal: $5000

Desks for new children’s Christian education programs in five communities

1420The Children’s Christian Education Program has grown to more than 700 children. Each of the 23 ILSN congregations has a Christian education or feeding program for children.In some communities the children’s school desks are used for classes, in the worship services, and as tables for lunch. Five new communities need 25 desks each for the 2014 Children’s Christian Education Program—a total 125 desks. Each desk costs approximately $25.50.

I want to help provide desks for the new children’s Christian education programs.

(Project 1420) Goal: $3150

Electronic theological library for Central America church workers

1421A functional, integrated computer network at LCC’s mission centre in Nicaragua would benefit all church workers serving in Central America when they visit for continuing education, conventions, meetings, seminars and events. This project will help fund the computers and networking equipment needed to fulfill this mission.

I want to help provide computer access to Spanish theological resources in Central America.

(Project 1421) Goal: $3000