WECLO – Outreach to Immigrants and Refugees to Canada

Chinese ESL class at First Lutheran Church for Pancake supper with the congregation.

WECLO – Windsor/Essex County Lutheran Outreach, supports a multi-cultural ministry in Ontario. Lay missionary Javed Khan and his wife offer hospitality through meals and holiday celebrations for immigrants and refugees. This ministry shares the Word of God and provides opportunities to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) classes and Bible studies, host sporting events for the young at heart, and help newcomers settle into a new life in Canada.

I want to support outreach to immigrants and refugees.

Project 2301 Goal: $10,000


Street Reach, Regina

This project provides support to Rev. DJ Kim in ministering to troubled youth and young adults through work with police in Regina.

I want to support troubled youth and young adults in Regina.

Project 2303 Goal: $10,000


Children’s Christian Education Program

1405Deaconess Betty Retana, together with her husband, Pastor Edmundo, lead this program which gathers children weekly for special Bible story time, catechesis, fellowship, snacks and refreshment. This project funds basic needs such as a stipend for the deaconess, educational resources, Bibles, Catechisms, teaching resources and tools as well as helps with the cost of food and transportation for the children.

I want to help support the outreach to children in Costa Rica.

(Project 1405) Goal: $6000

South Asian Christian radio outreach

1404For many new Canadians, radio programs in Canada which reflect their language and culture are important. Knowing this, Javed Ahkter, a Lutheran Church-Canada Pastors with Alternate Training student, developed a radio program called Hamd-O-Sanaa – Praise and Worship – which features a 20-minute Bible study, 20-minute topical discussion and 20 minutes of Christian music. This program reaches the ears of Pakistani, Hindi and Punjabi people who are also Muslim, Sikh or Hindu by faith. It also enjoys a strong Christian following among its listeners. In addition, the program can be heard in Pakistan and Iran. (This is carried forward from project #1323)

I want to help support radio outreach to new Canadians.

(Project 1404) Goal: $5000

Three motorbikes for Deaconesses

1402The countryside of Cambodia has few paved roads. Getting from one village to another is a matter of using dirt roads, tracks and dikes. In the dry season they are dusty and rough yet passable. In the rainy season the roads, tracks and dikes become almost impassable except for motorcycles. This project will provide motorcycles to three deaconesses to use for their evangelism work.

I want to help support the work of Cambodian deaconesses in the most remote areas.

(Project 1402) Goal: $5400

Children’s Christian education program in Alajuelita

1407In the community of Alajuelita, near San Jose, several children participate regularly in the church programs. Deaconess Betty Solorzano together with Pastor Edmundo supervise this program.

The project funds will provide a small monthly stipend for the instructor as well as for Christian education and mission resources.

I want to help support children’s Christian education.

(Project 1407) Goal: $2400

Facility rentals for outreach in Cartago and San Jose

1406By God’s grace Lutheran Church–Canada’s mission in Costa Rica is expanding into the large city of Cartago and into the capital, San Jose.Several mission and social ministry services have started in Cartago such as Bible study for women, outreach to teenagers in challenging life situations, sewing, Bible study groups, international mission teams’ work and other activities.A new outreach has now started in the capital San Jose with the vision of making it a Lutheran national/international connection since the capital is the north-south road in Central America. The church is not able to afford property in Costa Rica so rental facilities are needed in both cities.

I want to help support outreach in Cartago and San Jose.

(Project 1406) Goal: $11,380

Theological training for foreign students

Rev. Alexey Navrotsky

Rev. Alexey Navrotsky

Missionary Rev. Alexey Navrotsky in Ukraine has a desire to further equip himself for service and learning more of God’s Word and Lutheran theology. To achieve this goal, he is doing some preparatory work with Lutheran Church-Canada’s Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta, with the goal of completing his studies by spending almost two years studying on-site in Canada. With this type of training he will be able to provide strong leadership in his church body in Ukraine. (This is carried forward from project #1321)

I want to help support foreign students’ Lutheran theological training in Canada.

(Project 1403) Goal: $5000

Vehicle for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cambodia

1401The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cambodia (ELCC) faces a challenge transporting groups of people to visit the work of pastors and deaconesses in remote areas of Cambodia. This project will supply a used eight-passenger vehicle to allow the ELCC staff and leadership to visit the missions and social ministry sites and to meet with community leaders.

I want to help purchase an eight passenger used vehicle. 

(Project 1401) Goal: $8400

Vacation Bible school outreach to thousands of children

1410A great missionary method and strategy in Central America is outreach through activities with children. The population is large and the children bring the deaconesses and missionaries into their families and their relatives’ homes. Vacation Bible schools take place mostly during January through March each year. This project provides teaching resources, books, crafts, crayons, Bibles, Bible story books, pencils, pens, paper, transportation, food, snacks, water, refreshment, stipends for volunteers, medical emergency kits for the VBS programs.

I want to help support outreach to children through vacation Bible schools.

(Project 1410) Goal: $6000