Deaconess Support – Nicaragua

1302Our focus is assisting pastors in providing Christian education for children. We touch the lives of at least 25 children every day or in some places two or three times a week.

Since school in Nicaragua is only a half day, the Lutheran churches provide a program for the other half. Trained deaconesses help children with homework, teach reading, mathematics, and God’s Word through Bible stories and Luther’s Small Catechism. They also serve a snack for the children. The deaconesses also help with general church work and outreach to the children’s families.
Your support of the work of deaconesses helps them provide a brighter future for Nicaraguan children and their families both now and forever!

I want to help support the important work of the deaconesses (#1302) $4,500 ($25 a month per deaconess)



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