A Missionary Heart in Sebaco

Jesus had a heart for people.  We read that he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd.  (Mark 6:34)  Our missionaries in Sebaco, Nicaragua have such a heart as well.HectorCristina1306

Missionary Hector Morales and his wife, Deaconess Cristina Lopez, have a passion for reaching the people of their community.  Now in their second year at Sebaco, they regularly gather 30-35 people for Bible study and 40-50 children in educational programs.

Operating out of a rented storefront facility, they are excited about the possibilities for reaching out with the Gospel.  Located practically across the street from the mayor’s office (city hall) and down the block from the hospital, many people pass by and know of their presence.  Cristina is an excellent educator and Pastor Hector an engaging conversationalist.

They are exploring ways to reach out with loving care.  One possibility is a feeding program for children.  They are also praying about some way to provide employment for women and mothers who are limited to only 3-4 months of work each year in the local coffee industry.

Though their mission in Sebaco is still getting off the ground, they are already dreaming of the next community they can go to start another mission.  They indeed have compassionate missionary hearts for the people who are helpless and lost like sheep without a shepherd.

You can support Hector and Cristina through project 1306.

The Nicaraguan Children of Father Abraham

VBS - Las Marias

VBS student at Las Marias saying thank you after their program ended.

“Father Abraham, had many sons;
Many sons had father Abraham,
And I am one of them, And so are you,
So let’s all praise the Lord,
Right arm….”


That’s a song we frequently heard as we visited Vacation Bible School programs in Nicaragua. Over the past two months (Jan-Feb) several thousand children have participated in VBS in most of our congregations in the Iglesia Luterana Sínodo de Nicaragua.  I had the privilege of visiting eight of them (as well as meeting a lot of children in a dozen other congregations).  The children are so eager to be at VBS singing, learning and playing together.


VBS Nicaragua style is not that different from our Canadian VBS programs, though it could be described as more like being at camp.  It is a tropical climate so the church windows, doors and roof lines are often open to the outside, and many activities are carried on in the open air.  Children gathered in comfortable churches and in locations that just have a shelter from the sun.   But in every place they participated attentively and joyfully as faithful deaconesses taught them to know Jesus.  The children were happy to be there and appreciated the opportunity to learn and be with each other.


In Las Marias a young student stood up and spoke for everyone, saying, “Thank you CLMS for sending money to buy bible materials and supplies, decorations and snacks so we can come to hear God’s Word and learn to know our Saviour Jesus.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ.”  And in many places parents echoed the same sentiment.


Indeed, “Abraham is the father of all who believe….  Therefore, the promise comes by faith, so that it may be by grace and may be guaranteed to all Abraham’s offspring—not only to those who are of the law but also to those who have the faith of Abraham. He is the father of us all.”  (Rom 4:11,16)  And for that we give thanks and praise to God as we help children around the world become with us “children of Abraham” through our Lord Jesus Christ.


The following video was taken at Jesu Cristo Neustro Salvador Lutheran Church in Santa Patricia, Nicaragua.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkFj7ieeNV8


Cliff Haberstock, President

Vacation Bible Schools in Nicaragua

Children love vacation Bible schools in Nicaragua

Children love vacation Bible schools in Nicaragua

We look forward to our vacation Bible school week each year. I’m coming and I am bringing a friend. They help us bring Christ into our homes through the Bible lessons from the deaconesses and missionaries.

The Nicaraguan Lutheran church holds vacation Bible schools from January through March and in some areas at other times of the year. This event involves 23 congregations plus mission stations, drawing around 150 to 250 children in each; totaling 3,500 to 5,700 children becoming little missionaries and some who become leaders of the church in Nicaragua.

Help children learn about Jesus and share their faith with their families and friends.

I want to help support vacation Bible schools in Nicaragua (#1301) $6000 ($2 per child)

Deaconess Support – Nicaragua

1302Our focus is assisting pastors in providing Christian education for children. We touch the lives of at least 25 children every day or in some places two or three times a week.

Since school in Nicaragua is only a half day, the Lutheran churches provide a program for the other half. Trained deaconesses help children with homework, teach reading, mathematics, and God’s Word through Bible stories and Luther’s Small Catechism. They also serve a snack for the children. The deaconesses also help with general church work and outreach to the children’s families.
Your support of the work of deaconesses helps them provide a brighter future for Nicaraguan children and their families both now and forever!

I want to help support the important work of the deaconesses (#1302) $4,500 ($25 a month per deaconess)

Children’s Christian Education in Nicaragua

1303If we don’t have school uniforms and supplies we can’t go to school. But people in Canada help us so now we can learn about God’s love and His world.

Each year 650 children attend the Children’s Christian Education program at Lutheran churches. This project will support 60 of those children by supplying the necessary school uniforms, shoes, school supplies, snacks/lunch, teaching resources, and a small stipend for the deaconesses who help them (and many more) with homework and teach God’s Word. Often the deaconesses meet with families to offer spiritual and practical guidance.

The results of this program now include some former students preparing to become pastors and deaconesses.

I want to help support children’s education in Nicaragua (#1303) $7,500 ($125/child)

Medical and Dental Clinic in Chinandega, Nicaragua

A team of qualified medical and dental staff provide their services to the Chinandega clinic.

A team of qualified medical and dental staff provide their services to the Chinandega clinic.

We live as low income families in Chinandega and vicinity. Thanks to the qualified medical doctor and a team of nurses the clinic is open on a weekly basis for medical and dental consultation, medication and referrals.

While visiting the clinic, patients can also receive spiritual care from pastors and deaconesses when contacted by them before, during or after treatment.

By supporting this clinic and the work of pastors and deaconesses there, you can help the people of Chinandega as they seek healing for body and soul.

I want to help support the medical clinic and the counseling services it offers (#1304) $5,000

Missionary in Rivas and Jinotepe, Nicaragua

1305I am Missionary Rufino. I am continuing the Lord’s outreach ministry in Rivas and Jinotepe and by His grace, soon in La Pita and Managua, Nicaragua’s capital city.

The pastor conducts worship services, Bible study and will soon offer a children’s Christian education program. This project will help with ongoing expenses such as housing, utilities, transportation, office material and a stipend.

Supporting the work of Missionary Rufino ensures his ongoing ministry and planting congregations in new mission fields.

I want to help support Missionary Rufino and see the proclamation of God’s Word expand in Nicaragua (#1305) $10,310

Sebaco Rental Facilities, Nicaragua

1306I am Missionary Hector Morales and along with my wife, Deaconess Cristina, we are reaching out to the community of Sebaco with the message of God’s love.

The couple began the Sebaco mission with home Bible studies which draw in 25 – 30 people on a regular basis. In addition, they find ways to reach out to children and families. Currently, they rent two buildings – one for their home and another for worship and mission activities. Funds from this project cover rent, living expenses, utilities, transportation, and mission resources.

God is blessing the work of Pastor Hector and Deaconess Christina as hungry souls are fed with the Bread of Life.

I want to help the pastor and his wife in their outreach work (#1306) $5,500

Tarp and Chairs for Worship, Nicaragua

1307With no building either available or affordable, we meet in the open. Sometimes God brings the rains and sometimes the sun.

The immediate solution to providing a usable space for worship and Bible study is tarps to provide shelter from the weather and chairs for everyone.


I want to help provide these basic necessities for God’s people to gather for worship and to hear and study His Word. (#1307) $1,550

Cartago and San Jose Rental Facilities, Costa Rica

1308I am missionary Pastor Edmundo. Our mission in Cartago, Costa Rica has expanded and includes our capital, San Jose, which connects North America with South America by a well-travelled road way.

The pastor’s ministry includes several new programs for women and teenagers plus outreach to families. Being a small congregation, it can’t afford to purchase property so the pastor must rent buildings for worship and Bible studies.

Supporting Pastor Edmundo and his missionary work will sustain his outreach to men, women and children in Costa Rica.

I want to help spread God’s Word in Costa Rica (#1308) $7,880