A message to friends of CLMS from Rev. Ralph Mayan

CLMS logoDear friend of Concordia Lutheran Mission Society

“Thanks for the information! And thanks for the opportunity to participate!”

That’s how one couple responded after I had shared information with them on a specific Nicaragua Mission Project. I knew that they had a heart for mission and an interest in the Nicaragua Mission field. I felt that they would like to know how they might be able to help. “Thanks for the information,” they said.“And thanks for the opportunity to participate!”

It’s my privilege in this letter to share information not just on one project, but on a variety of mission projects around the world. I know that you too have a heart for mission and would want to know how you could assist. I hope you’ll respond as did the couple with whom I spoke. Thanks for the information! And thanks for the opportunity to participate, for giving us the privilege and opportunity to respond.

Our gracious God has given Lutheran Church-Canada the wonderful privilege of reaching out with the Gospel not only in this country of Canada, but also in Ukraine, South East Asia and Central America. Our weekly offerings are the primary instrument by which these ministries are supported. And we in LCC are most grateful for the generosity of God’s people.

But there are some who desire to do even more. One channel is through Concordia Lutheran Mission Society. Aware of our accountability to God and to our donors, CLMS committed to seeing every cent of every gift reach its desired destination. No deductions are made for operational expenses. These are covered by donations specifically designated for that purpose. That means that you can be sure that one hundred percent of your designated gift gets to the mission field.

And we want to keep you informed by sharing through our website and bulletins how God is using your gift and the gifts of others to expand the proclamation of the Good News that in the crucified and risen Saviour there is forgiveness and life, eternal life for all. That is something you know and believe with all your heart. It’s the message that we want to share with the world! Here is what I would like you to do.

1. Take a few moments to look at the brochure and the information provided in the mailing you received, or look here.
2. Check off that project or projects that tug at your heart.
3. If God has so blessed you that you are one of those “who desires to do even more” then follow the instructions on the brochure, or donate here.
It’s my prayer that you’re now saying, “Thanks for the Information! And thanks for the opportunity to participate!”

Cordially in Christ

Rev. Ralph Mayan, Pastoral Advisor
Concordia Lutheran Mission Society



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