Deaconess Support

There are currently 34 deaconesses and three assistants (maestras) consecrated for diaconal and educational work in congregations. They conduct the Children’s Education Program in their congregations under the supervision of their local pastors and with coordination from Lutheran Church–Canada. This project is to provide a complimentary stipend of approximately $20 a month to assist with transportation and expenses.

I want to support the deaconesses.

Project 1811 Goal: $6,000


Deaconess support

A small stipend of $20 per month for each of the 37 deaconesses of the Iglesia Luterano Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) will help them with the cost of living and the cost of transportation to the location in which they serve.

I want to support the deaconesses in Nicaragua.

Project 1707 Goal: $8,000