Men’s and Women`s Gatherings for Reformation 500

Not everyone can join the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine’s annual Days of Faith Conference, so these gatherings will provide an exciting, timely alternative. The church plans to hold two seminars for women and two or three seminars for men and leaders of congregations focused on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and its themes of Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone.

I want to support the Reformation gatherings in Ukraine.

Project 1722 Goal: $1,100


Summer Youth Camp

Summer is a time of refreshment. The Summer Youth Camp brings together youth and young adults for a retreat to encourage them in their faith, and invite friends to hear the Gospel. This year`s focus will be on the Reformation. The church also sees the gathering as an opportunity to look for gifted young men and talk to them about the preparing for service as pastors in the Holy Ministry.

I want to support the summer youth camp in Ukraine.

Project 1720 Goal: $1,400


Days of Faith – Theological Conference

The Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine (SELCU) provides this outreach to members of all her churches to gather for fellowship and growth in their Christian faith. It is a wonderful way of helping others know they are not alone.

I want to support the Days of Faith conference in Ukraine.

Project 1720 Goal: $1000


Support for LCC’s Missionary Navarotskyy in Nikolaev

After two years of post-graduate studies at Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta, Pastor Alexey Navrotskyy accepted a call and moved to the port city of Nikolaev, Ukraine. He serves two congregations and is supported as Lutheran Church Canada`s missionary to Ukraine. Funds provided to this project will help pay for housing, a stipend, and transportation.

I want to support Pastor Navrotskyy’s outreach in Ukraine.

Project 1719 Goal: $9,800


Bible Study Outreach in the Village of Zorya

Pastor Sergei Bevz has been sharing Christ in his home village of Zorya and has been able to share the Gospel with many. He continues holding Bible classes for children, adults and youth. Finances are needed for transportation and resources.

I want to help bring the Gospel and God’s Word to Zorya in Ukraine.

Project 1718 Goal: $1,600


Mission and Ministry to Kok Kloi, Thailand


Pastor Suchat Chujit

Pastor Suchat Chujit (left) prays before leading Bible study.

Pastor Chujit, his wife Aporn, and a few congregational leaders share the Gospel as best they can in south Thailand’s Phang-nga province. Pastor Chujit sells rubber and pineapples in his spare time to make extra money to survive but it’s not enough. Supporting this project will help Pastor Chujit and his family with the mission and ministry work in South Thailand.

I want to help Missionary Chujit

Project 1717 Goal: $8,500


Micro-finance Program for Church Workers in Central America

This program will help church workers receive funds so they can start a business, farm some land, and begin self-sustaining projects to provide ongoing funds to care for their families.

I want to help church workers in Central America become self-supporting.

Project 1716 Goal: $2800


Motorcycle for Mission outreach to Masaya

Pastor Guillermo Zuniga from Granada, Nicaragua has been doing mission outreach into the region of the Masaya Volcano. There are 22 children and 12 adults currently attending Bible Studies however, Pastor Guillermo needs a motorcycle to commute to this area more regularly.

I want to help buy the motorcycle for Pastor Guillermo .

Project 1715 Goal: $3000


Computer Training for Deaconesses and Children

A computer lab is available at the Mission Centre in Chinandega where deaconesses and students can access donated computers. Money is needed to provide transportation to courses, on-site meals and teachers to train the church workers and others.

I want to support the computer training program.

Project 1714 Goal: $2,500


Music Program for Children and Youth

Young musicians sing the Lord’s praises.

Music and worship go hand-in-hand. Supporting this project will help train children and youth in music so they can accompany congregational singing and grow in their praise to the Lord. The funds will supply music and instruments.

I want to help the church teach music to youth and children in Nicaragua.

Project 1713 Goal: $5,000