CLMS Annual General Meeting

Due to Canada experiencing the second wave of the coronavirus, the CLMS 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held via Zoom on Sunday afternoon, November 22, 2020 at 3:00 PM Mountain Standard Time (2pm PST, 4pm CST, 5pm EST).

Those wishing to attend should e-mail to receive the Zoom meeting link.

CLMS Annual General Meeting POSTPONED

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society has postponed its 2020 AGM until such time as it is entirely safe to meet together. 

In the meantime CLMS will continue accepting your donations for our mission projects.   This week we forwarded $43,000 (approximately 1/4 of our 2020 goal) for mission projects. Thank you for your help in making this possible! 

Most importantly, we will continue praying for the missionaries, pastors and deaconesses, and all our brothers and sisters, in vulnerable countries. Please join us in praying for them, as many of these countries are poorly equipped to combat the spreading virus.   

We are also praying for our faithful donors, and for all within LCC, as together we adapt to cancelled worship services and social isolation.

Do not forget, our God is the great “I  AM.”

“I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you. . .” Isaiah 46:4  

CLMS Annual General Meeting – Saturday, April 4th, 2020 at 11am at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Calgary.

This is a notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society, to be held on Saturday, April 4th, 2020 at 11am at: St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 66 – 7th Street NE, Calgary AB.

Coffee and refreshments will be served.


  1. Opening Prayer and call to Order
  2. Minutes from 2019 AGM
  3. 2019 Financial Statements
  4. Election of Directors (confirmation of vote results and board appointments)
  5. Other business
  6. Adjournment and Closing Prayer

For any questions, please contact Joyce Loblitz at .

CLMS Board of Directors Update

Despite the frigid temperatures, seven people with a passion for missions met in Edmonton at Concordia Lutheran Seminary from January 16th to 18th to plan for the CLMS path forward in 2020. 

          We thank the Lord for two new board members: Cathy Weger and Curtis Schafer.  Cathy will be our Treasurer and Curtis will take the role of Secretary.  Continuing on the board are:

  • Joyce Lobitz – President
  • Rev. Cliff Haberstock – Vice-President
  • June Barlund – Director of Ministry and Projects
  • Marilyn Witte – Assistant to Director of Ministry and Projects
  • Rev. Roland Syens – Pastoral Advisor

(L to R) Rev. Cliff Haberstock, Joyce Lobitz, Rev. Roland Syens, Cathy Weger, June Barlund, Curtis Schafer. Missing – Marilyn Witte

         A number of items came up for discussion, one of which was to address who should CLMS consider to be a “voting member”?  We have always assumed that every donor would WANT to be a voting member, which may not be true.  And it was realized that a number of donors are not members of an LCC affiliated congregation. It was decided that to be a voting member, donors must “opt-in” by sending in a membership form.  This was mailed out with the new brochure in February to all donors who gave in the last two years.

          We are updating our membership list in anticipation of more people coming forward to say, “I want to serve the Lord and support missions using the talents with which I have been blessed.” 

CLMS plans to hold its next AGM at St. Matthew Lutheran in Calgary on April 4, 2020. We look forward to the attendance of CLMS supporters in the Calgary area.

CLMS Annual General Meeting – July 11, 2019, 7pm, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Kitchener, Ontario

This is a notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society, to be held on Thursday, July 11th, 2019, at 7:00pm, at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 322 East Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario.



  1.  Opening Prayer and call to Order
  2.  Minutes from 2018 AGM
  3.  2018 Financial Statements
  4.  Election of Directors (confirmation of vote results and board appointments)
  5.  Other business
  6.  Adjournment and Closing Prayer

For any questions, please contact Jon Oberholzer at .

CLMS Annual General Meeting – May 7th, Waterloo, Ontario

This is a notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society, to be held on Sunday, May 7th at 1:30pm, at Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, 700 Glen Forrest Blvd., Waterloo, Ontario.


  1.  Opening Prayer and call to Order
  2.  Minutes from 2016 AGM (Appended below for reference)
  3.  2016 Financial Statements
  4.  Election of Directors (confirmation of vote results and board appointments)
  5.  Other business
  6.  Adjournment and Closing Prayer

A Q&A session with Rev. Roland Syens, regarding our work in Ukraine will be held following the formal portion of the meeting.

For any questions, please contact Jon Oberholzer at .

Annual General Meeting Minutes
Faith Lutheran Church, Saskatoon, SK

January 31, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by President Cliff Haberstock and opened with a prayer by Rev. Ralph Mayan.

Rev. Haberstock briefly explained that “members of the society” are all those who have made donations in the past two years, and described the purpose of the meeting.  He introduced the 2016 Board of Directors to those in attendance.

Rev. Roland Syens and Marilyn Witte, Co-Directors of Ministries and Projects, briefly reported on our 2015 projects.  All were fully funded except one, and the remaining balance on this project was carried forward to 2016. They also referred to the complete list of approved projects which had been distributed to everyone as they entered the meeting.

Pastor Haberstock mentioned that a 2015 financial statement was on the opposite side of the same paper as the project listing.

Pastor Haberstock also announced that he had award certificates for the following Mission Advocates: Lisa Jackson and her team that had recently returned from mission work in Nicaragua; Jon Oberholzer and the team that he was part of, who had been in Nicaragua before Christmas; Reg Zotzman who would be leaving for Nicaragua to do computer training in February; and Al Turner who goes to Nicaragua each year to help with the agricultural project at the Mission Centre.

The meeting was adjourned and Rev. Roland Syens led in prayer.

Following the meeting, Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel gave a presentation about the missions with which LCC is involved in Central America, Southeast Asia and Ukraine. He also asked Lisa Jackson, Jon Oberholzer and Reg Zotzman to briefly share some of their experiences in the mission field. The offering was designated for Thailand – Missionary Support. A joint choir from the congregations of Faith Lutheran and St. Paul’s Lutheran sang a number of pieces throughout the afternoon as well as leading us in several hymns.

Afterwards, refreshments were provided by Faith Lutheran Church.

CLMS AGM and Mission Festival Set for February 8, 2015 in Kitchener

Rev. Alexey Navrotskyy

Rev. Alexey Navrotskyy

The 2015 Concordia Lutheran Mission Society Annual Meeting and Mission Festival will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 8, 2015 at Faith Lutheran Church, 247 Westmount Road East, Kitchener, Ontario.

Dr. Leonardo Neitzel

Dr. Leonardo Neitzel

The Mission Festival will feature Dr. Leonardo Neitzel, head of Mission and Social Ministry for Lutheran Church-Canada, reporting on the challenges and opportunities of LCC missions. A Skype connection is also planned with Rev. Alexey Navrotskyy, a pastor from Ukraine who is pursuing further studies at Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, AB.

The presentation will be followed by a brief Annual Meeting and refreshments. The CLMS Board of Directors will be meeting in Guelph February 5-7 to select mission projects for 2015.

CLMS at LCC Convention in Vancouver

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society will have a presence at Lutheran Church Canada’s Tenth National Convention in Vancouver, June 6-9 on the campus of the University of British Columbia.

CLMS will have an exhibit set up in the concourse of the Student Union building. Please stop by to learn more about CLMS, to pick up brochures for your home congregation, or just to say hello.

CLMS Meets in Edmonton to set 2014 goals

CLMS board

CLMS Board meets in Edmonton to set 2014 project goals

EDMONTON — The Board of Directors of the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society (CLMS) met January 30-February 2 in Edmonton to plan for the coming year. The major focus was on selecting mission projects CLMS would commit to support through 2014. President Cliff Haberstock said to the Board, “We do have a partnership in the Gospel. We are partners in mission. I don’t only mean that for the ten of us on the Board; we are partners in mission with all who pray with us and and give their gifts of finances and time and talents. Without them and their response to the grace of God in their lives, we would have no purpose for existing as a board. But also without us, they would not have the opportunity to give to missions in the specific ways we provide. So it is not just about us; it is about all of the partners: board and donor members working together in GOD’S MISSION to save the world.”

With that in mind, CLMS committed to raise $135,000 over the coming year for 27 projects in six different countries, including Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Ukraine, Thailand, and Canada. $16,000 of our goal will go to complete three projects carried over from 2013 because they are committed to complete every adopted project even if it means extending our fund raising into the following year. CLMS will be supporting 24 new projects including Vacation Bible Schools, summer camps and Children’s Christian Education programs, motorbikes for deaconesses in Thailand, the seminary program in Ukraine, temporary shelter for a new mission in Nicaragua, missionary and deaconess support in central America and Thailand, ministry to prisoners, university students and athletes, a medical and dental clinic, and other challenging needs on the mission field. They will also support Lutheran theological training for one of the leader on our mission field (likely from Ukraine).

The Rev. Roland Syens, Board member and former missionary to Ukraine, preached at a Mission Festival on February 2. The mission offering received at that event nearly provided full funds to an outreach to university students in Odessa. When their deliberations were complete, the Board enjoyed a tasty dinner of Central American food and fellowship in the Haberstock home.

CLMS is an Auxiliary organization of Lutheran Church–Canada and helps fund many of its mission projects. For further information on the projects CLMS has committed to support in 2014, see the Concordia Mission Advocate supplement in the March/April issue of The Canadian Lutheran. For more information on CLMS, visit

“All thanks and praise belongs to God for our faithful partners in mission who continue to support CLMS mission projects with their gifts and prayers. We have an exciting year ahead with the gifted people God has brought together on our Board.”

2014 CLMS Annual Meeting and Mission Festival – Sherwood Park, AB

The 2014 CLMS Annual Meeting and Mission Festival will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 2, 2014 at Bethel Lutheran Church, 298 Bethel Drive, Sherwood Park, AB.  The MISSION FESTIVAL with Rev. Roland Syens speaking on his experience in Ukraine will be followed by a very brief annual meeting and refreshments.  For more information contact Rev. Cliff Haberstock at 780-435-0576.  The CLMS Board of Directors will be meeting January 30-February 1 to select mission projects for 2014.