A Missionary Heart in Sebaco

Jesus had a heart for people.  We read that he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd.  (Mark 6:34)  Our missionaries in Sebaco, Nicaragua have such a heart as well.HectorCristina1306

Missionary Hector Morales and his wife, Deaconess Cristina Lopez, have a passion for reaching the people of their community.  Now in their second year at Sebaco, they regularly gather 30-35 people for Bible study and 40-50 children in educational programs.

Operating out of a rented storefront facility, they are excited about the possibilities for reaching out with the Gospel.  Located practically across the street from the mayor’s office (city hall) and down the block from the hospital, many people pass by and know of their presence.  Cristina is an excellent educator and Pastor Hector an engaging conversationalist.

They are exploring ways to reach out with loving care.  One possibility is a feeding program for children.  They are also praying about some way to provide employment for women and mothers who are limited to only 3-4 months of work each year in the local coffee industry.

Though their mission in Sebaco is still getting off the ground, they are already dreaming of the next community they can go to start another mission.  They indeed have compassionate missionary hearts for the people who are helpless and lost like sheep without a shepherd.

You can support Hector and Cristina through project 1306.



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