Missionary in Rivas and Jinotepe, Nicaragua

1305I am Missionary Rufino. I am continuing the Lord’s outreach ministry in Rivas and Jinotepe and by His grace, soon in La Pita and Managua, Nicaragua’s capital city.

The pastor conducts worship services, Bible study and will soon offer a children’s Christian education program. This project will help with ongoing expenses such as housing, utilities, transportation, office material and a stipend.

Supporting the work of Missionary Rufino ensures his ongoing ministry and planting congregations in new mission fields.

I want to help support Missionary Rufino and see the proclamation of God’s Word expand in Nicaragua (#1305) $10,310


  1. Thanks so much for this update. Our mission team-ChiRiMission-is supporting this ministry directly to LCC with a one-time gift. We are glad to know that there will be more opportunities to support this work from CLMS.



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