Preparing pastors

1522 UK seminary

Students and visitors listen to a lecture.

Political unrest postponed the classes at the Concordia Seminary in Odessa in 2014. However, the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine (SELCU), which is responsible for the seminary, decided in November 2014 to resume classes in September 2015.

The students receive instruction from visiting teachers and professors from North America who work with translators. It’s an intensive residential program with meals prepared on campus. With many SELCU congregations struggling to support their pastors, the members have little funding to support the seminary. However, they are generous with support of produce and their volunteer time.

A new front for the seminary has arisen as church bodies in neighbouring countries which do not have a Seminary may send their students to Odessa.

This project helps cover operational costs and faculty travel.

Your support ensures the Lutheran church in Ukraine is served by well-trained pastors with a deep love for God, His Word and His people.

 I want to support preparing pastors for service.

(Project 1522) Goal: $2000