Deaconess support

Deaconesses support the work of pastors by providing Christian education to hundreds of children.

The work of the deaconesses in Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) has blessed the church’s mission and education work in Central America. Their major focus is assisting the pastors to provide Christian education or catechesis for children. They are key to the success of the Children’s Christian Education Program.

Most deaconesses receive a small stipend via the Children`s Christian Education Program (CLMS project #1509).

This project provides extra support of around $20/month for each of the 32 deaconesses.

I want to help provide additional support to the deaconesses.

(Project 1510) Goal: $8000


Lutheran outreach to Managua

Representatives from the Nicaraguan church and Lutheran Hour Ministries discuss strategy for Managua outreach.

Representatives from the Nicaraguan church and Lutheran Hour Ministries discuss strategy for Managua outreach.

Since the founding of Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) in 2008, the pastors and deaconesses have dreamed of the day their young church could establish itself in their nation’s capital, Managua. The dream is now becoming a reality.

In October 2014 the ILSN along with Lutheran Church–Canada and the local office of Lutheran Hour Ministries established a plan to begin planting Gospel seeds in Managua. The prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use this proclamation to call people to faith in Christ and gather them into a community of believers — a new congregation.

But a new congregation needs a pastor. Concordia Lutheran Mission Society has accepted the responsibility for providing the funds needed to house a pastor and his family, provide a stipend, and purchase the equipment and supplies needed for outreach and ministry.

Your support will help make the vision of bringing the Good News of the Gospel to Managua a reality.

I want to help support the new outreach in Managua.

(Project 1514) Goal: $12,000


Ministry with youth and children

The outreach team prepares for a busy summer.

The outreach team prepares for a busy summer.

Young people everywhere enjoy getting together for fun and fellowship, especially when they can share their common faith and tell others about it. That’s what’s happening in Ukraine throughout the year.

During the summer of 2014 a Vacation Bible school team visited and worked in three congregations for six weeks supporting summer children’s programs, as well as working with children during the Days of Faith annual conference. God blessed the efforts with an opportunity to reach almost 150 children.

In the Black Sea area almost 90 young people and parents enjoyed a summer youth camp in 2014. They spent time in God’s Word focusing on the letters to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation.

These gatherings continue throughout the year. During winter young people go to Concordia Seminary in Odessa to spend time in God´s Word and pray for the peace in our country and for each other.

Ministry to young people in SELCU is very important. These projects not only help congregations by working with children or inviting new children to hear the Gospel, they also help to train new leaders for congregations, future pastors and teachers. They help young people invest in Christian education and give them an opportunity to support their pastors and churches.

Your support provides funds for transportation, training leaders, producing material, and supplying meals for the events.

I want to support the outreach to young people in Ukraine.

(Project 1523) Goal: $6900


Preparing pastors

1522 UK seminary

Students and visitors listen to a lecture.

Political unrest postponed the classes at the Concordia Seminary in Odessa in 2014. However, the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine (SELCU), which is responsible for the seminary, decided in November 2014 to resume classes in September 2015.

The students receive instruction from visiting teachers and professors from North America who work with translators. It’s an intensive residential program with meals prepared on campus. With many SELCU congregations struggling to support their pastors, the members have little funding to support the seminary. However, they are generous with support of produce and their volunteer time.

A new front for the seminary has arisen as church bodies in neighbouring countries which do not have a Seminary may send their students to Odessa.

This project helps cover operational costs and faculty travel.

Your support ensures the Lutheran church in Ukraine is served by well-trained pastors with a deep love for God, His Word and His people.

 I want to support preparing pastors for service.

(Project 1522) Goal: $2000

Prison mission and ministry

Prisoners are eager to study God's Word.

Prisoners are eager to study God’s Word.

A team of missionaries from the Synod of Evangelical Churches in Ukraine (SELCU) started a mission in two high-security prisons in Nikolaev province. Missionary Rev. Alexander Urchenko and Deacon Sergey Bondarenko visit the prison weekly, holding services, conducting Bible studies and providing support for the inmates.

This project covers transportation costs, literature and provides practical help for the inmates including medicine, tea, warm clothes, books and food.

I want to help support Christian outreach to prisoners.

(Project 1521) Goal: $1260


Outreach to students in Odessa

Students gather to study God's Word and for fellowship.

Students gather to study God’s Word and for fellowship.

For more than four years the pastor of the church in Odessa, Rev. Oleg Shevchenko, and a team of volunteers has conducted an evangelism ministry with college and university students in Odessa.

Each week they hold Bible studies and organize various special projects: thematic evenings, discussion clubs, hikes, conferences and competitions.

The goal this year is to reach out not only to the university students, but also to young people studying in the area’s trade schools.

This project supports the purchase of Christian literature, printed materials for meetings and the rental of facilities.

I want to help reach out with the Gospel to students.

(Project 1520) Goal: $1260


A pastor for mission congregations

People gather to hear the Good News of the Gospel.

People gather to hear the Good News of the Gospel.

Unwilling to keep the Good News of the Gospel to themselves, the people of Concordia Lutheran Church in Nikolayev started ministry in two villages, Bogomazi and Yeleniy Yar, as well as in a local prison. In 2014 a church building in Bogomazi was dedicated and each Sunday afternoon a handful of believers meet for worship led by a Lutheran preacher from Nikolayev. But there is so much more that could be done!

People in Bogomazi need a resident Lutheran pastor, someone to work with the congregation by preaching, teaching confirmation classes and leading adult, child, and youth Bible studies. He would serve between 50-60 people. Currently, a seminary student, Vicar Valera Verba, is part of this ministry but what will happen when his studies are over?

Concordia Lutheran Church hopes to send a permanent full-time minster to serve the needs of these congregations and conduct outreach activities. The church has gathered support for transportation and a small salary, but it is asking you, through CLMS, to provide funding for a place for the pastor to live. The rent is only $150/month!


Your support for this project helps insure the growing ministry in this area continues.

I will help provide the rent for at least one month.

(Project 1519) Goal: $1800

Lutheran Gatherings in Ukraine

1518 UK Conference

Lutheran women gather for a “Days of Faith” conference.

Since the time of the first-century Church believers have gathered for worship, support, fellowship and decision making. In Ukraine the Lutheran churches are far-flung and congregation members can easily feel isolated in their small parishes. To develop a better sense of community, the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine (SELCU) organizes retreats for men and women throughout the year and its Synod Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss theological and practical issues facing the church.

Together the gatherings encourage the faith of believers through studying God’s Word and fellowship as they “bear one another’s burdens.”

Most of the time those involved in the gatherings bring food from their own gardens or farms that volunteers prepare for meals. Others struggle to find enough money to travel.

Although not rich in financial resources SELCU members are growing in their faith. After attending retreats and meetings they take their renewed faith back to their villages and congregations to share with others who need to know of God’s love.

By supporting this project you are partnering with God’s mission to sow and grow the seeds of the Gospel in Ukraine. Your gift will supply funds for transportation, food, and teaching resources.

I want to support the people of SELCU.

(Project 1518) Goal: $2,900


Bible study and outreach in Zorya, Ukraine

1517 UK Zarya

Vicar Sergey Bevz

Each week Vicar Sergey Bevz, a Lutheran seminary student, travels to Zorya, a village outside the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. His mission is to help build the faith of Lutheran Church members in the village by conducting Bible studies. But it doesn’t stop there.

Since Canadian pastor Rev. Roland Syens began the studies almost 20 years ago, the gathering has included those who are not yet part of the Christian family. So the study is both an opportunity to build up the faith of the believers— which include key members of the Lutheran Church and Alpha and Omega Student Society in Dnepro— and lead others to learn more of God’s love for them in Jesus Christ as they study God’s Word together.

But before the study begins the leader has to prepare study materials, then get to the village. And like many in Ukraine he doesn’t have his own transportation or resources for photocopying handouts.

That’s where you can help by providing support for bus fare and study materials.

It’s not much—less than $95 a month—but over a year it adds up.

Your support of this project will contribute to building the spiritual health of Lutherans in the Dnepropretrovsk area and reach out to those who need to hear the Gospel.

I want to support the mission work in Zorya for at least a month

(Project 1517) Goal: $1,100

Support a missionary in Thailand

1422How do you share the Gospel in a country where less than 2 percent of the population has any connection or knowledge of Christianity? That’s the challenge Missionary Suchat Chujit faces daily in his missionary work in the southern province of Thailand in the region of Takuapa and Phang-nga province. As Pastor Chujit provides ministry for his local congregations he continues reaching out to individuals and families in the area, building contacts for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and starting home Bible studies and worship services.

This project helps provide the stipends, utilities, transportation, telephone and worship materials for the three congregations and other preaching stations under missionary Chujit’s care.

I want to help support the ongoing ministry and outreach of Pastor Chujit.

(Project 1516) Goal: $9500