Lutheran Gatherings in Ukraine

1518 UK Conference

Lutheran women gather for a “Days of Faith” conference.

Since the time of the first-century Church believers have gathered for worship, support, fellowship and decision making. In Ukraine the Lutheran churches are far-flung and congregation members can easily feel isolated in their small parishes. To develop a better sense of community, the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine (SELCU) organizes retreats for men and women throughout the year and its Synod Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss theological and practical issues facing the church.

Together the gatherings encourage the faith of believers through studying God’s Word and fellowship as they “bear one another’s burdens.”

Most of the time those involved in the gatherings bring food from their own gardens or farms that volunteers prepare for meals. Others struggle to find enough money to travel.

Although not rich in financial resources SELCU members are growing in their faith. After attending retreats and meetings they take their renewed faith back to their villages and congregations to share with others who need to know of God’s love.

By supporting this project you are partnering with God’s mission to sow and grow the seeds of the Gospel in Ukraine. Your gift will supply funds for transportation, food, and teaching resources.

I want to support the people of SELCU.

(Project 1518) Goal: $2,900