Supporting Lutherans in Ukraine

1522 UK seminaryThe seminary programs in Ukraine restarted this year with Dr. Wilhelm Torgerson teaching three intensive courses up to December. CLMS has forwarded the funds we have on hand to support the seminary’s fall classes, but more is still needed. Although the world has tried very hard to keep them from their studies, the students were able to return to school with a newly appointed President, and a warm environment fueled by the coal fired furnace.

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Feeding program for body and soul

12 2015 Nicaragua eWe know all too well, that where there is good work being done in His name, it is there that the devil focuses his energy. He will try to get in between the Word and the recipient and place boulders of fear and doubt. We have seen the devil take advantage of opportunities, but thankfully the Lord also works in everything for His good. Nicaragua has faced challenges with the Children’s feeding programs, which are one of LCC’s most fruitful missions. Thanks to the CLMS projects you are funding for the “Bread of Life” and Deaconess support, the children are being fed physical bread and opening doors for the Gospel.

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Pastor needs support

12 2015 thailand eIn Thailand we are told that Pastor Suchat Chujit’s ministry is steady and strong.  His church membership is small, but he has established several preaching stations and has welcomed new members into his adult bible study.

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Youth focus in Costa Rica

12 2015 Costa Rica eDespite the obstacles presented in Costa Rica work progresses in the energetic and sustainable projects where there is youth work. Through the many programs focused on the development and strengthening of the faith of the youth, you are helping to prepare youth for outreach and providing them with the tools needed so that they are “not ashamed of the Gospel”.  As with Canadian youth, your prayers are needed to keep the young hearts of Costa Rica focused on Christ so that they can continue to be conduits of the power of God who brings Salvation.

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CLMS Board sets ambitious 2015 project goal

2015 CLMS Board Meeting

Rev. Cliff Haberstock, President of CLMS, addresses board at 2015 meeting in Guelph, Ontario

GUELPH, Ont. – At its annual face-to-face meeting February 5-7, the Board of Directors of the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society (CLMS) chose to support six new projects and renew 17 existing projects which set a 2015 project support goal of $146,000. This represents an 8 percent increase over the 2014 goal of $135,000 which donors from across Canada supported with their generous gifts.

“We give thanks to God for the mission outreach support He provides CLSM through His people,” noted Rev. Cliff Haberstock, president of the society. “We are humbled that we can be part of His mission of sharing the Gospel around the world.” CLMS raises financial support to assist the mission and ministry of Lutheran Church–Canada.

The volunteer organization also welcomed two new board members, Julie Thompson of British Columbia and Lisa Jackson of Ontario.

Details for the 2015 projects will be available soon. To receive email updates scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the “Notify me of new posts” box.

CLMS Board

CLMS Board for 2015

Gospel proclamation inside and out in Nicaragua

Pastor Ruffino proclaims God's Word in Rivas, Nicaragua.

Pastor Ruffino proclaims God’s Word in Rivas, Nicaragua.

A pastor with a missionary’s heart is a blessing to a church. Pastor Ruffino in Nicaragua is now reaching out to four communities: Rivas, Jinotepe, La Pita and Diriamba. Two vicars from the seminary program assist him.

Earlier this year the people in La Pita gratefully received a large tarp that serves as the “roof over their head” when they worship and hold Bible study.

Meanwhile in Rivas the outreach rents a facility as do the congregations in Jinotepe and Diriamba. They receive support from Concordia Lutheran Mission Society to make sure the proclamation of the Gospel continues.

You can help too by clicking here.

Clinic provides health for body and soul

Pastors meet with people waiting to see a doctor or dentist at the mission center clinic.

Pastors meet with people waiting to see a doctor or dentist at the mission center clinic.

The health clinic at the mission centre in Chinandega, Nicaragua is experiencing an increase in patients. Regular worship services in the nearby Martin Luther Chapel make new connections with families in the neighbourhood. As a result, every Thursday as many as 30 people visit the clinic.

Rev. Edmond and Cherie Auger and Pastor Mardo Calero spend time with those waiting to see the doctor or dentist, providing comfort and counsel, and sharing with them the Good News of the Gospel. CLMS is privileged to help fund this ministry to body and soul.

Here’s how you can be involved.   

Keeping pastors on the move in Nicaragua

Travelling the roads in Nicaragua is tough on motorcycles and drivers!

Travelling the roads in Nicaragua is tough on motorcycles and drivers!

When pastors in Nicaragua travel from church to church or visit congregation members they use motorcycles. While bus transportation is available, it takes a lot of time and sometimes the buses don’t go where the pastors serve!

Often the roads to these places are nothing more than well-worn dirt trails scored with deep, muddy potholes in rainy season. The conditions are not kind to motorcycles or to the pastors!

Pastor Angel travels weekly close to 200 km from Potosi, to serve three additional congregations including a mission in Cristo Rey. His motorcycle is old and worn out. Unless the church decides to send a new pastor to serve the three additional churches, he will need a new one.

That’s where Concordia Lutheran Mission Society stands ready to help. Keeping the Nicaraguan church in motion on safe wheels is a project already rolling which you can support here.

Hope in troubled Ukraine

Children learned about God's love during a vacation Bible school in Ukraine.

Children learned about God’s love during a vacation Bible school in Ukraine.

As Canada drifts through winter, summer is a warm memory and an ever-present hope. For children, teens and young adults in Ukraine, the summer of 2014 brought national tension and uncertainty.

Yet for some, who benefitted from Lutheran Christian summer camps and vacation Bible schools supported by Concordia Lutheran Mission Society, this past summer introduced them to God’s love in Jesus Christ or encouraged them in their faith. This foundation of faith in young hearts points to a bright future for these Ukrainians.

And it doesn’t stop after summer is over.

Pastor Oleg Schewtschenko is planning a young adult winter retreat to fan the flames of faith.

You can help bring hope to young lives in Ukraine by supporting Concordia Lutheran Mission Society’s Ukraine projects.

Nicaraguan church takes aim at Managua this year

Representatives from the Nicaraguan church and Lutheran Hour Ministries discuss strategy for Managua outreach.

Representatives from the Nicaraguan church and Lutheran Hour Ministries discuss strategy for Managua outreach.

Since the founding of Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) in 2008, the pastors and deaconesses have dreamed of the day their young church could establish itself in their nation’s capital, Managua. The dream is now becoming a reality.

In October 2014 the ILSN along with Lutheran Church–Canada and the local office of Lutheran Hour Ministries established a plan to begin planting Gospel seeds in Managua. The prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use this proclamation to call people to faith in Christ and gather them into a community of believers — a new congregation.

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society is privileged to supply some of the funds needed for this visionary endeavour. And we would be honoured if you would help too.

Here’s a link to find out more.