Mission facility in Rivas

Pastor Roque Tijerino travels to Rivas from Granada up to three times a week, continuing the Bible studies, worship services and feeding programs that Pastor Rufino started there. Facility rental is $500 USD a month.

I want to support Pastor Tijerino and the people of Rivas.

Project 1812 Goal: $6,000


Assistance for Worship and Outreach facilities in Rivas, Nicaragua


Help Pastor Roque continue the mission as he focuses on families and their children by providing a place to meet and worship together.

I want to help Pastor Roque and his mission activities.

Project 1710 Goal: $6,400


Rent for worship space in Rivas

Pastor Ruffino speaks to his congregation.

Missionary Rufino Quintero continues working as a mission developer in the towns of Jinotepe, Rivas, La Pita and Diriamba. Two students from the Seminario Reforma Luterana, the theological education program of Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) assist him in his work.

This grant pays the rent for the place in Rivas where the growing congregation gathers for Sunday worship services and other activities during the week. The space costs $535 per month.

I want to help support renting a space for Gospel proclamation and outreach.

(Project 1513) Goal: $6400


Gospel proclamation inside and out in Nicaragua

Pastor Ruffino proclaims God's Word in Rivas, Nicaragua.

Pastor Ruffino proclaims God’s Word in Rivas, Nicaragua.

A pastor with a missionary’s heart is a blessing to a church. Pastor Ruffino in Nicaragua is now reaching out to four communities: Rivas, Jinotepe, La Pita and Diriamba. Two vicars from the seminary program assist him.

Earlier this year the people in La Pita gratefully received a large tarp that serves as the “roof over their head” when they worship and hold Bible study.

Meanwhile in Rivas the outreach rents a facility as do the congregations in Jinotepe and Diriamba. They receive support from Concordia Lutheran Mission Society to make sure the proclamation of the Gospel continues.

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