Ukraine Prison Ministry during Pandemic

When the CoVid-19 lockdown occurred in Canada and across the world this past March, many felt they were prisoners in their own home.  Children could not attend school and many parents had to work from home, if they still had a job to do, that is.  Visitors were no longer allowed in hospitals and care facilities, leaving our elderly and ill without the comfort of family and friends.  Yet despite our hardships we are reminded there are others who live in lockdown too.  And of course, they are in prison for a reason, and not sent there for their health!

Bishop Sasha Yurchenko has for a number of years been a faithful visitor to the prison near Nikoleav, Ukraine.  The men he visits are a tough group, as you can see in the picture.  Despite their history, these men are open to the Bible studies and catechism classes offered by the Bishop.  Through his persistent efforts and the working of the Holy Spirit, he has seen lives transformed in this darkest of places.  Jesus truly is the Light of the World, even in a cold, bare prison.

Pastoral Care in Prison Ministry

The Lord has blessed this ministry of Rev. Alexander Urchenko, and he works with the most dangerous inmates, as well as those who are suicidal. At their release some inmates have reconciled with their families and have returned to visit the prison along with Pastor Urchenko.

I want to support the pastor and his prison ministry in Ukraine.

Project 1820 Goal: $1,300


Prison mission and ministry

Prisoners are eager to study God's Word.

Prisoners are eager to study God’s Word.

A team of missionaries from the Synod of Evangelical Churches in Ukraine (SELCU) started a mission in two high-security prisons in Nikolaev province. Missionary Rev. Alexander Urchenko and Deacon Sergey Bondarenko visit the prison weekly, holding services, conducting Bible studies and providing support for the inmates.

This project covers transportation costs, literature and provides practical help for the inmates including medicine, tea, warm clothes, books and food.

I want to help support Christian outreach to prisoners.

(Project 1521) Goal: $1260