Exploratory Visit to Rwanda for Theological Education

Brothers and sisters in Christ gathered in Rwanda.

After an initial visit from Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer early in 2018, Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church and other Lutherans in Rwanda have invited Canadian Lutherans to return to help them train pastors, elders, and deacons/deaconesses through theological education and mentorship.

While this is not a Lutheran Church-Canada sponsored project, from time to time Concordia Lutheran Mission Society adopts special projects, which allow for exploratory work that falls outside of LCC’s mission areas.

We have set up a project, 1825 – Exploratory Mission to Provide Theological Education in Rwanda, to provide you with an opportunity for you to make a financial donation, with the goal of raising $7,000.00 so that two Canadian instructors can travel to Rwanda to teach a week-long course, to visit/preach in some of the churches, and to continue to build trust with the leaders of the churches related to the Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church and other Lutherans in Rwanda.

Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer meets with church leaders in Rwanda in early 2018

I want to support an exploratory visit to provide Lutheran theological education in Rwanda.

For additional information about the project, Dr. Schaeffer has provided a video.

Children’s Education Program

Funding is needed to ensure that the 60 children attending the program in 2018 will have the backpacks, notebooks, and educational resources that are included in the $120 USD cost to cover each child’s scholarship.

I want to support the education of children in Nicaragua.

Project 1805 Goal: $9,600


School Desks and Chairs

100 desks and chairs are needed to literally support the children attending feeding and educational programs throughout Nicaragua. Even a small contribution can make a big difference as $15 buys a chair and $35 a desk.

I want to support the children with new desks and chairs.

Project 1806 Goal: $5,000


Children’s Christian education materials

1605-NIC-CCEducation eAlong with other agencies Concordia Lutheran Mission Society provides scholarships for almost 700 children. The funds assist the deaconesses with their stipends and provide basic school materials and backpacks for the children.

I want to support the Christian outreach and education for children in Nicaragua.

Project 1706 Goal: $9,600



New desks for Christian education program

1511 NIC Desks

Can you buy a new desk?

The Children’s Christian Education Program has grown to more than 700 children. Each of the 23 ILSN congregations has a Christian education or feeding program for children. In some communities the children’s school desks are used for classes, in the worship services, and as tables for lunch. With constant use, the desks wear out. The program now needs 100 new ones. Each costs approximately $40.

Can you buy a desk—or two?

I want to buy desks for the Children’s Christian Education Program.

(Project 1511) Goal: $4000


Children’s Christian education program

1508 NIC C E program

A deaconess teaches in an after-school program.

Each year more than 700 children attend the Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua’s (ILSN) children’s education program. Children enrol in the program and deaconesses teach groups of at least 25 children in their community either daily or two or three times a week. Each of the 23 communities in which the ILSN serves has a children’s outreach program.

This project supports Christian Education Program for 70 children a year ($125 per child) in the following areas: school uniforms, shoes, school supplies, snacks/lunch, teaching resources, deaconess stipends.

I want to help support this ongoing program that reaches more than 700 children with the Gospel.

(Project 1508) Goal: $8700


A chance to learn for special needs children


Chance to learn for special needs children – Special Needs Program

Costa Rican school

Costa Rican school

Providing seven school-age boys and girls with basic financial assistance so they can study regularly in the public schools. The scholarship would include school supplies and assist them with transportation to school.

Project amount – $1,575
I want to help support this project (1203)