Rent for facilities and housing in Sebaco

Deaconess Cristina teaching Sunday School

Pastor Hector Morales and his wife, Deaconess Cristina continue focusing on mission outreach in the community of Sebaco, about 40km south of Matagalpa. Around 25 to 30 people attend Bible studies regularly.

The mission rents two houses in Sebaco: one for the missionary and his family, the other for the mission activities and worship services. This project provides support for Pastor Hector’s mission outreach and the facility rental in Sebaco.

I want to help provide a place for worship and a home for the missionaries.

(Project 1515) Goal: $6000


Rent for worship space in Rivas

Pastor Ruffino speaks to his congregation.

Missionary Rufino Quintero continues working as a mission developer in the towns of Jinotepe, Rivas, La Pita and Diriamba. Two students from the Seminario Reforma Luterana, the theological education program of Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) assist him in his work.

This grant pays the rent for the place in Rivas where the growing congregation gathers for Sunday worship services and other activities during the week. The space costs $535 per month.

I want to help support renting a space for Gospel proclamation and outreach.

(Project 1513) Goal: $6400


Farming for the future in Nicaragua

1512 NIC Ag project

Cultivating the land around the mission centre will provide employment, fruits, vegetables and a model for future farms.

When God provides land, He expects His people to make the most of it. That’s what’s happening in Chinandega, Nicaragua.

Development on the land purchased for Lutheran Church–Canada’s mission office currently includes the Martin Luther Chapel, where the Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) holds large gatherings and classes; an efficient building for offices and classrooms; a health clinic; sewing school; and dormitories for theological students and staff. Even with this development, there is a large section of land ready for the next step—a sustainable agricultural project.

The mission plans to develop the soil then plant fruit trees, crops, and flowers that will help support the mission, provide employment, and establish a model farm for teaching and replication across the church. It’s an ambitious project developed by an experienced Canadian agricultural expert who sees the potential for Gospel outreach and generating sustainable financial support for the church.

To help get things started the project needs funds to employ a caretaker for hands-on maintenance and extra workers to begin developing the land for planting.

The project demonstrates the desire to exercise good stewardship and a vision for the future of the church and how it touches the lives in the communities in which it serves. You can be part of it!

I want to help support this unique farming venture!

(Project 1512) Goal: $5000

New desks for Christian education program

1511 NIC Desks

Can you buy a new desk?

The Children’s Christian Education Program has grown to more than 700 children. Each of the 23 ILSN congregations has a Christian education or feeding program for children. In some communities the children’s school desks are used for classes, in the worship services, and as tables for lunch. With constant use, the desks wear out. The program now needs 100 new ones. Each costs approximately $40.

Can you buy a desk—or two?

I want to buy desks for the Children’s Christian Education Program.

(Project 1511) Goal: $4000


Vacation Bible schools reaching thousands of children

1509 NIC VBS

Children gather for VBS fun and learning.

A successful missionary method and strategy in Central America is outreach through activities with children. The population is large and the children bring the deaconesses and missionaries into their families and their relatives’ homes. Each year 23 Vacation Bible schools take place mostly during January through March each year.

This project provides teaching resources, books, crafts, crayons, Bibles, Bible story books, pencils, pens, paper, transportation, food, snacks, water, refreshment, stipends for volunteers, medical emergency kits for the VBS programs. A donation of $300 supports one VBS.

I want to help support outreach to children through vacation Bible schools.

(Project 1509) Goal: $6900


Children’s Christian education program

1508 NIC C E program

A deaconess teaches in an after-school program.

Each year more than 700 children attend the Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua’s (ILSN) children’s education program. Children enrol in the program and deaconesses teach groups of at least 25 children in their community either daily or two or three times a week. Each of the 23 communities in which the ILSN serves has a children’s outreach program.

This project supports Christian Education Program for 70 children a year ($125 per child) in the following areas: school uniforms, shoes, school supplies, snacks/lunch, teaching resources, deaconess stipends.

I want to help support this ongoing program that reaches more than 700 children with the Gospel.

(Project 1508) Goal: $8700


The “Bread of Life” and real bread for life

1507 NIC feeding

For less than $5.50 per week, children can receive a nutritious meal.

The phrase “three square meals a day” means nothing to the poorest children in Nicaragua. They consider themselves blessed if they have a single meal a day.

Lutheran congregations are reaching out to families in their communities to provide one, healthy, nutritious meal per week. It may not sound like much, but for many of these children it’s the one thing that will help them stay healthy.

The meal program gives pastors and deaconesses the opportunity to meet families who are not part of the church community and tell them about God’s love in Jesus Christ, then demonstrate that love in a very practical way with a wholesome meal—the Bread of Life and real bread for life—outreach in word and deed.

It’s not expensive to feed up to 80 children. It costs $280 per child for a year—that’s less than $5.50 a week! Your support can make all the difference in the life of a child and bring to them and their families the Good News.

I would like to feed a child for a year.

(Project 1507) Goal: $8000

Reformation outreach in Central America

1506 NIC C W gathering

A 2014 Reformation gathering in Martin Luther Chapel in Chinandega, Nicaragua

When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg in 1517, Central America was an area of new exploration for Europeans. Now, almost 500 years later, the roots of his Reformation are growing in hearts across the area. Through God’s Word people are discovering freedom from the Law-centred Christianity they grew up with, finding grace in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Reformation is important to Central American Lutherans and to celebrate the 500th anniversary the pastors and deaconesses of Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) will  spend the next three years gathering together to study in depth what it means to preach, teach and live by “Grace Alone, Faith Alone and Scripture Alone.”

A small group got together in 2014 in Costa Rica to lay the foundation for these annual convocations. Now the goal is to engage the region in commemorating this important event in the life of Christ’s Church. The ILSN is planning fellowship and community outreach activities, worship celebrations and other events over the next three years that will engage the local media and communities.

You can help spread the Reformation word of God’s grace throughout Central America by supporting this project.

I want Central America to know about God’s grace.

(Project 1506) Goal $2,280

Ministry and outreach in Olanchito

Some members of the congregation gathered for a worship service.

Some members of the congregation gathered for a worship service

Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) fully supports the mission and educational work in Honduras, more specifically in the northern city of Olanchito. Missionary Douglas Aguilar has established a community of believers with members scattered throughout the city. This project will assist LCC’s mission mission outreach and ministry.

I want to help support Pastor Douglas’ proclamation of the Gospel in word and deed.

(Project 1505) Goal: $6000


Facility rentals in Cartago and San Jose

1504 CR rentals

Pastor Retana leads Bible study.

By God’s grace Lutheran Church–Canada’s mission in Costa Rica is expanding into the large city of Cartago and into the capital, San Jose. Several mission and social ministry services have started in Cartago such as Bible study for women, outreach to teenagers in challenging life situations, sewing, Bible study groups, international mission teams’ work and other activities.

A new outreach has now started in the capital San Jose with the vision of making it a Lutheran national/international connection since the capital is on the north-south road in Central America.

The church cannot afford to buy property in Costa Rica so rental facilities are needed in both cities.

I want to help support outreach in Cartago and San Jose.

(Project 1504) Goal: $12,000